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FREE applicant tracking

Post all the jobs you want. Auto filter all your applicants. Find your perfect hire. Zipier Recruit's FREE for all!

Post to job boards

Choose your job boards — Zipier posts it for you.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Automatically track and email applicants at every stage.

Test for skills

Remove interviewer bias. Decide, in advance, the skills you're hiring for, then directly assess each applicant.

Choose your tests

IQ, reading, listening, English, typing, personality, and more.

Compare results

Compare applicants by results. Mouseover for details.

Video responses

Set your questions in advance, then watch your applicants' video responses to each.

Decide as a team

Compare each reviewer's notes, then decide as a team.

Save your day

Save time. Each response is limited to one minute.


Set minimum test pass scores. Bottom applicants are politely rejected. Top applicants advance up a level.

Combine tests

Choose each level's tests. Choose each pass score.

Make it your own

Use the default templates, or set your own email messages.

You pay nothing
zero... nada ...
FREE for all!

Give it a try! Use it all you want.
And tell your friends :)

Really free?

  • It's FREE for all — use all features and pay nothing.
  • All the job postings and applicants you want. They're all FREE!
  • There's no premium plan — just the same FREE for all plan.

Any limits?

  • All the people you want.
  • All the job postings you want!
  • All the applicants you want!
  • All the onboarding you want!
  • All your questions answered. Our FREE live chat team's here to help.
  • There's no limits!

Can I trust you guys?

  • We won't spam you.
  • We won't sell your private info.
  • There's no sneaky 30 day cripple trials.

How is this free?

We've run a modest call center for years, and built this software to solve our own admin headaches. It works for us, and we hope it works for you too :)

Why free?

We believe software should be free, and the world will be better when:

"Employers have better tools to look after their employees."

Our mission:

"Create a world where everyone has better pay."