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FREE call center phone system

1c per connected call minute — that's our simple pricing promise. Add all the people you like — they're all FREE!

FREE call credit

Pay nothing and try! Your first hour's calls are 100% FREE.

No hidden charges

No contracts. No monthly or setup fees. Support is FREE.

Compare costs

Want the lowest dialing costs? Compare ALL-IN COSTS for outbound calling U.S. phones full-time.

Predictive dialing

Increase your contact rate by 50% without changing your team. Predictive's great for larger teams and call centers.

Progressive dialing

Just finished a call? Hang up and your next is auto dialed.

Preview dialing

Display the next call but don't dial. Good for complex calls.

CRM dialing

Call your CRM contacts direct. Zipier converts CRM phone numbers to links. Just click and you're calling!

Replay any call

Wondering what was said? Hear each call in your CRM.

Easy calling

Calling's easy for the whole team. Try call script editing, script tags, jump links, search, and dispositions.

All-in-one window

One window to make calls, take notes, and set dispos.

Extension panels

Extend with links to Dropbox, URLs, FAQs, Google Docs, etc.

Clear reports

Get real-time metrics, like wins, talk time, pick up time, dispos, calls per hour, call time, quality, and much more.

Track everything

How long's wrap time after calls? Now you'll know!

Compare & share

Compare any metric to any timeframe. Share as a link.

FREE recordings

Three months FREE storage — all recordings, all call stats. Storing for longer? Only 1c per minute, per year (optional).

Two clicks to listen

Never be more than two clicks from reports to recordings.

Easy MP3s

Download a ZIP of all your recordings — stored as MP3s.

Manage quality

Automate your quality — cut QA time from hours to minutes with autoplay, silence striping, and shortcuts.

Hit targets

Set review targets, use QA tools, hit your quality targets.

Measure & improve

Rate calls with 24 "goods" vs 35 "bads". Improve over time.


Lowest per minute rates.
All features at no additional cost.
Unlimited call recording storage for 3 months.
100% free software.
No per seat licenses.
Access from anywhere.
All the lead & contact uploads you want.
Lead importer.
Auto-lead recycling.
Auto-timezone management.
Comprehensive contact history.
Lead searching.
100% browser-based.
Elastic infrastructure.
Also supports desk (hard) phones.
No expensive hardware.
Zero configuration softphone.
Webhook call API.
Outbound dialing.
CRM dialing.
Predictive dialing.
Progressive dialing.
Preview dialing.
All the concurrent calls you want.
Advanced CRM integration.
Call reporting & analytics.
Real-time reporting.
Historical reporting.
Auto emailed reports.
Custom call dispositions & notes.
Quality Management.
Quality auditing & scoring.