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Get pay day debits and credits emailed with instructions.

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  • Zipier's FREE for all. Use all the FREE features and pay nothing.
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  • All the people and logins you like.
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  • Zipier won't spam you.
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How's this FREE?

Zipier's journey to being the world's best payroll platform, starts by Zipier having the world's lowest pricing.

We cover our costs by providing Zipier Bank Payments (an optional add-on).

Once you're enjoying Zipier, you're welcome to consider supporting us by trying Zipier Bank Payments.

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Zipier Integrations features

Accounting sync
FREEChoose from six accounting connectors.
FREEConnect to QuickBooks, Zoho, Kashoo, AccountingSuite, FreshBooks, or Xero
FREESend paystubs to accounting with just one click.
FREEAll DRs and CRs auto-prepped for accounting.
FREECorrect journal categorization of wages, taxes, and more.
FREESet your own journal categorizations.
FREENo more copy / paste errors.
FREE100% cloud solution. Nothing to install.
FREEFREE support. Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm ET.
FREENo 3rd party vendors or APIs required.
FREENo extra logins or licenses required.
FREEWho changed what, audit history.
FREEPermissions enforced privacy on all data.

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