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HR automation PRO

Automate your HR. Get 100+ customizable templates to run your business.

E-SIGN compliant 

Track signatures PRO

Track doc opening and signing. E-SIGN act compliant single click signing. 100+ templates to choose from — or add your own.

Cut litigation

Warning an employee? Track it with signatures + paper-trail.

Doc templates

Draft contracts, warnings, and more, with 100+ templates.


Sign online PRO

Get signed docs back fast. Doc signing's more convenient and quicker than ever.

Sig. workflows

Get signatures from managers and employees.

Print support

Download PDF, or print to paper — for hand signing.


Tracked PRO

Track who, when, and where signatures are given. Track docs still waiting for signatures.

Stored forever

Re-open or download signed docs — even years later.

Read receipts

Need to know your doc's been read? Track it with "Got it".


Personalize PRO

Found a doc you like? Use as is — or clone, change, and save. Now anyone in your org can re-use your changes.

Private docs

Confidential doc info (like pay) is only seen by admins.


Personalize employment agreements like never before!


Write yours PRO

It's easy with Zipier HR Docs. Just edit, save, and share. Set permissions to choose who can access your docs.


Keep your docs cruft-free — write with markdown.

200+ Tags

Insert person, pay, or org data with 200+ custom tags.

Zipier Pro
Everything in Zipier FREE
Time off, attendance, integrations,
hourly pay, & accounting sync.

One price for all Pro features!
per active Pro user/month.

Upgrade now

Will FREE stay free?

Yes, FREE stays free. It's FREE forever!

Do you charge for inactive Pro users?

You're only charged for your active Pro users. That's users who ACTUALLY USED a Pro feature sometime during the month.

If a Pro user doesn't use any Pro features (in a month), we won't bill you for that person — and they'll still have full use of Zipier for FREE.

Can just part of my team do Pro?

Yes. You can turn on Pro for some pay batches, and not others.

People in non-Pro pay batches are always FREE!

Any hidden costs?

There's no hidden or other setup costs. You'll only pay $7.99 per active Pro user.

How do I pay?

Pay by credit card (or PayPal) on the 1st of each month.

Any limits?

  • All the templates you like!
  • All the doc sending you like!
  • All the doc storage you like!
  • All your questions answered. Our FREE support team's here to help.
  • This, and all other Pro features, for just $7.99 per active Pro user, per month.

HR Docs — features

PRO All-in-one HR solution
Unlimited PDF and signature storage.
100+ free templates.
Employment agreements.
Clone and customize.
Easy searching.
PRO Workplace ready
Printable PDF downloads.
Window envelope compatible.
Letterhead layout.
Markdown support.
Doc categories.
PRO Automate your HR
Single click signing.
Saved signatures.
Signature image upload.
200+ Reusable tags.
Email reminders.
PRO Legally compliant
E-SIGN act compliant.
On-screen signing.
Single signature workflows.
Multi signature workflows.
PRO Secure documents
Secure storage.
Private templates.
Read receipts.
All the doc retrieval you like.