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VA VA-4 certificate W-4

VA VA-4 certificate W-4


VA VA-4 certificate W-4



    • Paper: Letter (8.5in x 11in)
    • Copies to print: 1
    1. Give a blank form to a new employee or to employees who have changes in their tax situation.
    2. The employee fills up this form and returns it to the employer.
    3. Employer to keep a copy for their record.
      • If an employee claims too many exemptions, mail to:

        PO BOX 1115
        RICHMOND VA  23218-1115


    Login: https://www.ireg.tax.virginia.gov/VTOL/Login.seam

    Register: https://www.ireg.tax.virginia.gov/VTOL/SignUp.seam

    • Employers must keep a copy for their records.
    • If no Form VA-4 is filed, withhold Virginia income tax as if no exemptions had been claimed.
    • A new Form VA-4 must be filed if the employee’s allowable number of exemptions changes or if an employee that was previously exempt from Virginia income tax becomes subject to the tax.
    • Form should be filed within ten (10) days of the employee's change in status.

    For newly hired employees to report their withholding exemption to their employer. It is also for employees who have recently changed their tax status which will affect their withholding exemptions.


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