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R3 SSS Report

R3 SSS Report


R3 SSS Report

    • Login: https://www.sss.gov.ph/sss/appmanager/portal/home
    • Register: https://www.sss.gov.ph/sss/registrationPages/employerR1.jsp
    • If you're submitting online, you must use Internet Explorer.

      1. Login to the online portal as Employer.
      2. Check payment has been posted.
        • Go to "E-services" then choose "Inquiry".
        • Click "Payment History" then "R5 Payments".
          • Enter the tax month covered by the payment.
      3. If you see the payment for the applicable month has been posted, then continue to the next step.
        • If you don't see the payment, check again another day.
      4. Go to "E-services" then choose "Submit Contribution Collection List".
      5. Choose "Create Collection List Online".
        • Enter the date on receipt and receipt number.
        • Enter amount paid on receipt.
        • Choose applicable month for payment.
      6. Update the employees list.
        • Copy these amounts into the SSS website. (see form ➔)
      7. Click "Submit".
      8. Go back to Zipier.
        • Click "Submit" (below), then "Yes".
        • On "To-Do", find the R-3.
        • Click the blue "Tax form waiting..." icon.
        • Click "Yep, it's sent".
          • When asked for proof of submission, upload a JPG screenshot that confirms submission from the SSS website.


    • If submitting online, no need to create LMS.


    • If submitting by BancNet, you do not need to submit this online.
    • Must be submitted after the SSS has posted the payment for the applicable month.
    • To submit a breakdown of each employee's contribution.
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