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Er2 Employee report — Answers to your questions

  • The name of the ER2 is "Report of Employee-Members".

  • The purpose of the ER2 is to report new hires to Philhealth.

  • To submit the form ER2, you must 1. Check the details on the form. (see form ➔)

    • All columns should be filled except for "Date of Coverage".
    • Click "Sign" on the form.
    • Click "Submit" (below), then "Yes".
      1. Print two copies.
      2. If employees left during the period, submit a formal letter with a list of separated employees and attach to this form.
      3. Submit two copies to Philhealth.
    • Get both copies stamped.
    • Leave one stamped copy with Philhealth.
    • Take one stamped copy back for your records.
      1. Go back to Zipier.
    • On "To-Do", find the ER-2.
    • Click the blue "Tax form waiting..." icon.
    • Click "Yep, it's sent".
      • Upload file or link that shows proof of submission.
  • The ER2 must be submitted .

  • For the ER2,

  • For the ER2, you must submit 2 copies.

  • The ER2 is to be submitted at your regional Philhealth office.


You can submit the ER2 form at one of PhilHealth Regional Offices nationwide.

  • To submit the ER2, you need the PMRF form that was submitted by the newly hired employee who does not have a Philhealth number.

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