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Apply for SSS number

Apply for SSS number

00:001.  How to "Apply for SSS number". This only has to be done once, and only if a new employee has never been issued an SSS number before.

1.  As employee
00:101.1  The following steps are done by the employee, or worker...
2.  Open the form in Zipier
00:152.1  First go to the Zipier menu...
00:192.2  Click "People".
00:212.3  Choose yourself.
00:262.4  Then, on the "Pay" tab...
00:292.5  Click "Tax forms".
00:322.6  Now, look for the "Apply for SSS number"...
00:352.7  Then, click to open it.
3.  Submit the form in Zipier
00:383.1  Now check the whole "application form", especially the boxes with a blue outline, to make sure everything's right. Type in any missing info, so it can also be saved, then click any blue "Sign" buttons, and then, at the bottom, also click the blue "Submit" button.
00:563.2  While submitting, a PDF file will automatically download.
4.  Print 3 copies
01:014.1  You'll need to print 3 copies of the "downloaded PDF file".
5.  Going to SSS
01:065.1  Now, go to your local SSS branch. Don't forget to take the printed copies with you.
01:125.2  You'll also need to bring with you any 1 of the following: your birth certificate, passport, PRC card, UMID card, or driver's license.
01:225.3  Also, if you're married, bring a copy of your marriage contract, and if you have children, bring a copy of their birth certificates.
01:325.4  At the SSS, get all three printed PDF copies stamped.
01:375.5  Leave one copy with the SSS, the employee keeps one copy, and the employer's given the third copy.

6.  As employer
01:446.1  The following steps are done by the employer, or pay day person...
01:506.2  Once the employee gives you a stamped copy of their "application form", look on the form for their new SSS number.
7.  Store the new tax info
01:587.1  Next, go to the Zipier menu...
02:027.2  Click "People".
02:047.3  Choose the employee.
02:107.4  Then, under the "Pay" tab...
02:147.5  Click "Tax".
02:157.6  Now you can type in the employee's "SSS".
02:227.7  Finally, store the employee's completed "SSS application" into their personal record folder.
8.  You're done!
02:298.1  That's it, you're all done. Your submission of the "SSS application" is now complete.

Apply for SSS number

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