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Er2 Employee report

Er2 Employee report


Er2 Employee report



  • Paper: Letter (8.5in x 11in)
  • Copies to print: 2
  1. Check the details on the form. (see form ➔)
    • All columns should be filled except for "Date of Coverage".
    • Click "Sign" on the form.
    • Click "Submit" (below), then "Yes".
  2. Print two copies.
  3. If employees left during the period:
    • Tick "Download Separated employees letter".
    • Print two copies of the letter.
    • Staple one copy of the ER-2 to the letter (until you have two sets).
  4. Submit two copies to Philhealth.
    • Get both copies stamped.
    • Leave one stamped copy with Philhealth.
    • Take one stamped copy back and store in your filing.
  5. Go back to Zipier.
    • On "To-Do", find the ER-2.
    • Click the blue "Tax form waiting..." icon.
    • Click "Yep, it's sent".
      • If asked to upload evidence, upload a JPG photo of the stamped ER-2 and letter.


  • Employers must submit this form within 30 days of the start date.
  • No payment due.
  • To report newly hired and separated employees to Philhealth.

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