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NM RPD-41348 exemption certificate

NM RPD-41348 exemption certificate


NM RPD-41348 exemption certificate

  • Paper: Letter (8.5in x 11in)
  • Copies to print: 2
  • The employee must complete a form every tax year to claim the exemption.
  • The employee must submit one of the following for verification of eligibility:
    • Employee's military spouse ID card or marriage license.
    • Servicemember's current Leave and Earnings Statement or recent W-2.
    • Documents that a spouse may own that'll show that the spouse was domiciled in another state.
  • Mail a copy of this exemption statement with the verification of eligibility to:

    New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
    PO Box 25128
    Santa Fe NM  87504-5128

  • The employer and the employee must keep a copy for their records
  • The military spouse qualifies for exemption if:
    • the servicemember has declared "legal residence for purposes of withholding state income taxes from military pay" in another state.
    • the servicemember is in New Mexico in compliance with military orders.
    • the servicemember's spouse must be in New Mexico solely to be with their spouse.
  • The military spouse is no longer eligible for the exemption if the following occur:
    • The servicemember leaves the service.
    • Divorce.
    • Physical separation due to duty changes.
    • Spouse commits an action that clearly establishes New Mexico as his or her state of domicile.
  • To be used by nonresident military spouses to file exemption from state withholding tax.

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