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ND NDW-M exemption certificate

ND NDW-M exemption certificate


ND NDW-M exemption certificate



    • Paper: Letter (8.5in x 11in)

    • Copies to print: 2

    • A new form must be submitted by January 31st of each year the employee wants to continue the exemption.

    • The employee must submit this form with a copy of the employee's military spouse ID card.

    • Mail a copy of this form and attached military spouse ID card to:

      Withholding Tax Section
      Office of State Tax Commissioner
      600 E Boulevard Ave. Dept 127
      Bismarck ND  58505-0599

    • Or fax to: (701) 328-1942


    Login: https://apps.nd.gov/tax/tap/_/

    Register: https://apps.nd.gov/tax/tap/_/

    • Employees that are a civilian spouse of an active duty armed forces servicemember, they may claim exemption if they meet the following conditions:
      • The employee and their servicemember spouse maintain domicile in a state other than North Dakota.
      • The servicemember's permanent duty station is in North Dakota.
      • The employee is in North Dakota only because they want to be with their servicemember spouse who is stationed in North Dakota.
    • The employer must keep a copy of this form and attached documents for their records.
    • Employees must notify employers the employer when they become ineligible for exemption. Which would occur in any of the following cases:
      • Divorce from the servicemember.
      • Death of the servicemember.
      • Change in domicile to North Dakota by either spouse.
      • Change in the servicemember's permanent duty station to a location outside North Dakota.

    To be used by nonresident military spouses to file exemption from state withholding tax.

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