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NC NC-4EZ exemption certificate

NC NC-4EZ exemption certificate


NC NC-4EZ exemption certificate



    • Paper: Letter (8.5in x 11in)

    • Copies to print: 2

    • To maintain the exemption, the employee must submit a new certificate each year.

    • If the employee meets the conditions listed below, mail to:

      North Carolina Department of Revenue
      Tax Compliance-Withholding Tax
      PO Box 25000
      Raleigh NC  27640-0001


    Login: http://www.dornc.com/electronic/business/index.html

    • Submit this form to the Department of Revenue if:
      • the employee claims more than 10 withholding allowances.
      • claims exemption from withholding.
    • This form is used by employees who:
      • Plan to claim NC standard deduction.
      • Plan to claim no tax credits or only the credit for children.
      • Prefer not to complete the extended Form NC-4.
      • Qualify to claim the exempt status.
      • Claim Military Spouse Exemption.
    • Employees claiming Military Spouse exemption must submit the following documents:
      • The servicemember's State of Legal Residence Certificate.
      • The employee's Military Spouse ID Card.

    To be used by employees to file exemption from state withholding tax.

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