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MN MWR exemption certificate

MN MWR exemption certificate


MN MWR exemption certificate

  • Do it by Sun, Dec 28.
  • Due 4 days later (Thu, Jan 1).


  • Paper: Letter (8.5in x 11in)
  • Copies to print: 2
  • The completed form must be submitted to the employer by the later of the following:
  • February 28
  • 30 days after you begin working or change your permanent residence.
  • Employers must keep this form for five years from the date received.
  • Mail to:
    Minnesota Revenue
    Mail Station 6501
    St Paul MN  55146-6501


  • Employees are eligible to claim this exemption if:
    • The employee is a resident of Michigan or North Dakota.
    • The employee returns to their residence in that state at least once a month.
    • The employee doesn't want Minnesota income tax withheld from their wages.
  • Employees who live in other states, including Minnesota, cannot use this form.
  • Employers may be assessed a $50 penalty for each form they are required to submit but do not.
  • If the form is not filled out completely, employers mustt withhold Minnesota income tax.
  • To be used by nonresidents to file exemption from state withholding tax.
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