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KY K-4M exemption certificate

KY K-4M exemption certificate


KY K-4M exemption certificate



    • Paper: Letter (8.5in x 11in)
    • Copies to print: 2

    • The spouse of an armed forces member is exempt from Kentucky income tax when:
      • The employee's spouse is a military servicemember
      • The employee is not a military servicemember
      • The military servicemember spouse has a current military order assigning him or her to a military location in Kentucky
      • The employee and military servicemember reside at the same address
      • The employee's domicile is a state other than Kentucky
      • The employee's and military servicemember's domicile is the same
      • The employee is present in Kentucky solely to be with the military servicemember spouse.
    • This form must be completed by the employee and the employee must present the employee's military spouse picture ID to the employer for verification and photocopying
    • The employer must keep a copy of this form and of the military spouse picture ID in their records.
    • The employer is required to submit the completed form and a copy of the military spouse picture ID, within 30 days of receipt, to:


    Login: https://revweb.ky.gov/w2ftp/wfLogon.aspx

    • Form K-4M takes effect on the later of the following:
      • the date you give it to your employer
      • the first payroll period your employer is able to put the exemption into effect
    • The exemption does not apply to wages paid prior to the date the form takes effect.
    • The withholding tax exemption will no longer be valid if any of the statements above becomes false.
    • In general, the exemption termination date will be the earlier of:
      • The day the military servicemember is no longer in the military;
      • The day the employee enlists in the military
      • The day the employee and the military servicemember no longer live at the same address
      • The day the military servicemember's permanent duty station changes to a location outside of Kentucky
    • If the exemption terminates, the employee must complete a Form K-4.

    To be used by military spouses to file exemption from state withholding tax.


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