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KY K-4 certificate W-4

KY K-4 certificate W-4


KY K-4 certificate W-4



  • Paper: Letter (8.5in x 11in)
  • Copies to print: 2
  1. Give a blank form to a new employee or to employees who've got changes in their tax situation.
  2. The employee fills up this form and returns it to the employer.
  3. Employers must keep a copy for their records.


  • Military spouse exemption:
    • The spouse of an armed forces member is exempt from Kentucky income tax when:
      • The employee's spouse is a military servicemember.
      • The employee isn't a military servicemember.
      • The military servicemember spouse has a current military order assigning him or her to a military location in Kentucky.
      • The employee and military servicemember reside at the same address.
      • The employee's and military servicemember's domicile is the same.
      • The employee is present in Kentucky solely to be with the military servicemember spouse.
    • In general, the exemption termination date will be the earlier of:
      • The day the servicemember is no longer in the military.
      • The day the employee enlists in the military.
      • The day the employee and the military servicemember no longer live at the same address.
      • The day the military servicemember's permanent duty station changes to a location outside of Kentucky.
  • Nonresident exemption:
    • Employees are exempt from Kentucky withholding taxes if:
      • The employee is earning wages in Kentucky and resides in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, or Wisconsin.
      • The employee resides in Virginia and commutes daily to the place of employment in Kentucky.
      • The employee resides in Ohio and isn't a shareholder-employee with a 20 percent or greater, direct or indirect, equity investor in an S corporation.
    • If the employee moves or otherwise changes his residence to a state other than those mentioned above. Begin withholding Kentucky income tax with the first payroll period after the notice of the status change from the employee.
  • For newly hired employees to report their withholding exemption to their employer. It's also for employees who've recently changed their tax status which will affect their withholding exemptions.

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