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All UK (United Kingdom) forms

All UK (United Kingdom) forms

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Federal tax forms

CIS payment and deduction statement
CIS payment and deduction statement Purpose

To give subcontractors a statement to break down payments and deductions to the Construction Industry Scheme.

Interval: Pds

Full name: Construction Industry Scheme Payment and deduction statement
Submission by mail
  • Give this form to every subcontractor you make a deduction from, each time you pay them for the CIS.
  • Must be submitted 14 days at the end of each tax month.
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Federal new hire forms

P45 Employee leaving work
P45 Employee leaving work Purpose

To record current employment details for next employer.

Interval: Obe

Full name: P45 Details of employee leaving work
Submission by mail
  1. Give this form to any employees that have left.
  2. Employers must keep a copy for their records.

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