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BIR 1905 info update

BIR 1905 info update


BIR 1905 info update



    • Paper: Long bond (US folio, 8.5in x 13in)

    • Copies to print: 3

    • New hires with an RDO different from their current employer, must fill up and submit this form to their current RDO.


    1. Complete form and submit to BIR.
      • Click "Sign" on the "1905". (see form ➔)
      • Click "Submit" (below), then "Yes".
    2. Print 3 copies of the "1905".
    3. Submit the "1905" to BIR.
      • Get all copies of "1905" stamped.
      • Leave one to the BIR.
      • Give one to your employer.
      • Keep one for own filing.


    1. Once the employee provides the stamped 1905:
      • In Zipier:
        • On "To-Do", find the 1905.
        • Click the blue "Tax form waiting..." icon.
        • Click "Yep, it's sent".
          • When asked for proof of submission, upload a JPG photo of the stamped 1905.


    Login: https://efps.bir.gov.ph/home.html

    • Must only be completed by employees who don't have the same BIR Revenue District Office as the employer.

    To report an update on the taxpayer's information to the BIR. Also used for transfer of RDO.

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