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BIR 1905 info update

BIR 1905 info update


BIR 1905 info update

  • Do it by Sun, Dec 28.
  • Due 4 days later (Thu, Jan 1).


  • Paper: Long bond (US folio, 8.5in x 13in)
  • Copies to print: 3
    • New hires with an RDO different from their current employer, must fill up and submit this form to their current RDO.
    1. Complete form and submit to BIR.
      • Click "Sign" on the "1905". (see form ➔)
      • Click "Submit" (below), then "Yes".
    2. Print 3 copies of the "1905".
    3. Submit the "1905" to BIR.
      • Get all copies of "1905" stamped.
      • Leave one to the BIR.
      • Give one to your employer.
      • Keep one for own filing.
    1. Once the employee provides the stamped 1905:
      • In Zipier:
        • On "To-Do", find the 1905.
        • Click the blue "Tax form waiting..." icon.
        • Click "Yep, it's sent".
          • When asked for proof of submission, upload a JPG photo of the stamped 1905.


  • Must only be completed by employees who don't have the same BIR Revenue District Office as the employer.
  • To report an update on the taxpayer's information to the BIR. Also used for transfer of RDO.
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