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2018-10-15 - Zipier launches free payroll, HR, and attendance for all 50 states

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2018-10-15 - Zipier launches free payroll, HR, and attendance for all 50 states

Release date: Thu 15th Oct 2015

Availability: Hold until release date above

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  • Never pay for attendance software again
  • Upstart Zipier makes attendance software free
  • Zipier's new attendance system is free
  • Why pay for attendance software now that Zipier's made it free?
  • Zipier's attendance system sets the standard in simplicity and style

Zipier has just launched it's free cloud based payroll, HR, and attendance system so companies in all 50 states of the U.S. can now manage employees with simplicity and style. The great news is that this really is 100% free, with no strings attached, at: zipier.com/payroll

Zipier Attendance is an automated time and attendance solution that tracks employees' working hours in real-time, when they arrive, go on break, or stop for the day. It's like timesheets, but with no clumsy forms or reports to fill in. There's nothing to print, no cards to swipe, and no expensive hardware. It even works for factory or warehouse employees who don't have access to a computer, and it's great for remote teams.

Zipier Attendance includes:

  • Unlimited employees: add as many employees as you like
  • Unlimited clock-ins: use any PC or tablet to clock-in
  • Unlimited projects: track time spent on each project
  • Automatic night pay, holiday pay and overtime tracking
  • Track when employees are active on their PC
  • Payday ready: sub-total hours worked for each pay period
  • Easy lookup to see who's working right now
  • Holidays and defaults tracked for 154 tax jurisdictions
  • Fully translated into 75 languages
  • Free support. Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm ET.
  • And a ton of snazzy reports

When asked how all this could be completely free, Zipier CEO Craig Redmond replied, "We absolutely rely on Zipier Attendance to keep things running smoothly inside Zipier. Our phone product covers our costs, so we thought why not give Zipier Attendance away for free so others could benefit too."

Zipier Attendance is a great solution for employers dealing with:

  1. Buddy clock-ins: employees who get a work-mate to clock-in for them
  2. Ghost attendance: employees who claim pay even when they don't turn up

It takes a photo and uses face detection to prove the employee was indeed there at clock-in, and stores everything in the cloud so employers can see what's going on even when they're not in the office.

Zipier sees this product release as the first step in a number of future product launches. "In the middle of next year we'll be launching our payroll product too," said Craig, "it'll calculate all your taxes, do direct deposits, simplify your tax forms, and still be 100% free."

With all these features, and nothing to pay, Zipier's free time and attendance system is worth a look.

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