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Great to have you here visiting. Let's start with a short intro...


We love our users. We hope everything we do, no matter how small, makes everyone's life better.




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We're a family founding team. Craig kicked things off in 2009. Read our story.

A few months later Fraser, Craig's brother, joined to help with the programming.

Now we're growing... meet the team.


At first...

We built this to just run our own call center business.


We gave it to others, and saw how FREE payroll was good for both employers and employees.


We've caught a new vision. FREE payroll can help entire economies, both emerging and developed.

FREE payroll brings workplace transparency, and tax efficency. This means better roads, schools, and hospitals for everyone.


Most of the time just call us "Zipier". Occasionally, but very rarely, you may need to use our full name. That's "Zipier Ltd" (but mostly "Zipier" is fine).

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The Zipier marks include the Zipier name and logo. It also includes words, phrases, images, and other designations that identify any of Zipier's products.

We prefer that you don't change the marks or use them in a confusing way. This includes suggestion of sponsorship or endorsement by Zipier, or any other way that confuses Zipier with another brand (including your own).

We politely ask that you:

  • Only use these (or similar) logos to represent Zipier.
  • Avoid changing the colors.
  • Avoid overprinting or obstructing any part of the logo.
  • Avoid adding special effects to the logo.

We like it when our name's first letter is written with a capital letter, "Zipier".

The same goes for capitalizing product names. Also, some product names always have the word "Zipier" on the front. E.g.:

  • GoodZipier Payroll
  • GoodZipier Time Off
  • GoodZipier Attendance

We also like it when there's a space between each word of the product names. E.g.:

  • GoodZipier Payroll
  • AvoidZipierPayroll

We like to write website addresses in lowercase and we normally skip the "www". E.g.:

  • Goodzipier.com/payroll
  • Avoidwww.Zipier.com/Payroll

Here's some short intros on our products:


Have a media inquiry? We'd love to hear from you. Tell us on chat, and we'll get you on a call with the right person.

Contact Zipier's FREE live chat support. Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm ET.

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