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Environmentally friendly

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Environmentally friendly


Zipier proved to me that they're committed to their employees. The work environment's great. The benefits are great!

Laura B., Receptionist. Joined 3.7 years ago.

I love the feeling of everyone on the team being passionate, energetic and driven to reach an amazing goal.

Lillian K., Receptionist. Joined 3.5 years ago.

Zipier is committed to doing its part to care for the environment by:

  • Reducing pollution: Most of Zipier's receptionists choose to use car-pooling or public transport options when traveling to and from work, reducing traffic pollution and congestion.
  • Improving energy efficiency: All of Zipier's workstations are fitted with energy efficient PCs and LCD monitors to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Full recycling: All service center waste is separated for recycling.
  • Paper-free: All of Zipier's own internal departments operate on a paper-free basis.
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