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Zipier gives businesses all the cloud management tools they need to operate the people side of their business, including: payroll, HR, payslips, tax reporting, onboarding, time & attendance, pensions, and much more.

Zipier charges nothing for all these tools and services. They're all FREE.

Zipier reminds everyone when things are due, calculates taxes, auto-fills tax forms, auto-submits tax forms, and automatically makes the correct payments to employees, government, and pensions.


Our story

Our story started in 2009 when Zipier founder, Craig, opened a call center in the Philippines. After signing our first clients, it became clear we needed a better solution for payroll, HR, and attendance. We tried a few alternatives and finally realized if we wanted a great platform we'd have to build it ourselves.

In 2016, after years of improvements, we noticed that there was still no one doing free payroll, HR, and attendance. We'd gotten a vision of how the whole world would benefit, so we switched our business and committed to building a FREE payroll product.


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  • 5 mths ago Completed automation on the UK's P11D tax form.
  • 5 mths ago Completed automation on the UK's P45 tax form.
  • 7 mths ago Completed automation on the UK's student loans and postgraduate loans.
  • 8 mths ago Completed all calculations and tax forms for the UK's Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).
  • 8 mths ago Completed development on the UK's apprenticeship levy.
  • 10 mths ago Added option for 4-weekly pay (in addition to weekly, 2-weekly, and monthly).
  • 10 mths ago Passed all 1,350 of the UK HMRC's payroll tax calculation tests (including National Insurance, Scottish and Welsh tests).
  • 2 yrs ago Zipier Ltd registered in Jersey, Channel Islands.
  • 4 yrs ago Committed 100% to building a FREE payroll product.
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