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FREE U.S. Payroll

Add all the employees you want. Add hundreds. Add thousands. Zipier's always FREE.

Fast payroll

Zipier's fast no matter how many employees you add.

All in one place

Group employees by office, manager, and even by project.

All 50 states

All your payroll taxes — all the states you want.

Multi-state filing

All Fed. and state filing. All 50 states. Multi-state's FREE.

1099s & Hourly

Includes all 1099s and W-2s for contractors and hourly.


Pay by online banking, checks, or cash. Also, direct deposits are coming soon. Direct deposits to all bank accounts. Secure and tracked. All the direct deposits you want.

Easy paychecks

Direct deposits, checks, cash, and even split payments.

Private & secure

Permission protected payroll. Your numbers stay private.

Choose pay days

Keep your existing pay days. Choose weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and even monthly pay days.

Simple setup

Start with great defaults. Customize till you're happy.

Accountant bliss

Give your accountant their own FREE accountant edition.


Auto-filled state and fed. forms: W-4, new hire, W-2, 1099, W-3, UI, 941, and 250+ more.

Print & online filing

Need a state or federal form?... Look no further.

Easy onboarding

Step-by-step onboarding with W-4 and new hire forms.

Accounting sync

FREE accounting auto-sync. Sends paystubs to your accounting -- Each pay day it's just one click.

Other accounting?

Get pay day debits and credits emailed with instructions.

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Request time off

Track paid vs. unpaid time off. All the people you want for FREE. All the usage you want for FREE.

Easy requests

Just a few clicks and your request is sent.

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See your balance

Use your time off balance to plan your holidays.

Salary, or hourly

Hourly pay's easy. Zipier auto-calculates all regular, overtime, holiday, and paid time off.

Night shift friendly

Adjusts for holidays and overtime if working past 12 midnight.

Lates & no-shows

Reports show clear patterns. See lates and no-shows.

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Submit expenses

All-in-one FREE expense reporting — fully integrated with your FREE payroll. No extra logins or accounts.

100% cloud

Submit expenses from wherever you like.

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It's all here

No need for subscriptions, APIs, or 3rd party vendors.

HR automation

Track doc signatures and opens. Single click signing. 100+ templates to choose from -- or add your own.

Cut litigation

Warning an employee? Track it with signatures and a paper-trail.

Doc templates

Draft contracts, warnings, and more, with 100+ templates.

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Post jobs

Post all the jobs you want. Auto filter all your applicants. Find your perfect hire. Zipier Recruit's FREE for all!

Post to job boards

Choose your job boards — Zipier posts it for you.

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Automatically track and email applicants at every stage.

You pay nothing
zero... nada ...
FREE for all!

Give it a try! Use it all you want.
And tell your friends :)

Really free?

  • It's FREE for all — use all features and pay nothing.
  • We don't charge you for paystubs. It's all FREE!
  • There's no premium plan — just the same FREE for all plan.

Any limits?

  • All the people you want.
  • All the paystubs you want!
  • All your questions answered. Our FREE live chat team's here to help.
  • There's no limits!

Free payments?

Can I trust you guys?

  • We won't spam you.
  • We won't sell your private info.
  • There's no sneaky 30 day cripple trials.

How is this free?

We've run a modest call center for years, and built this software to solve our own admin headaches. It works for us, and we hope it works for you too :)

Why free?

We believe software should be free, and the world will be better when:

"Employers have better tools to look after their employees."

Our mission:

"Create a world where everyone has better pay."


Fully featured payroll
Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly.
Direct deposits, check, or cash.
Voluntary deductions.
Expense claims.
Split payments.
Overtime and night pay.
Easy tax form filing
Auto filled tax forms.
Auto-filled Fed. and state tax forms — over 250+ forms.
Signed PDF downloads.
Due date reminders.
All the storage you want.
One-click signing.
Multi-stage signatures.
People friendly
Employee self onboarding.
Full-time employees.
Part-time employees.
Who changed what — audit history.
FREE live chat support. Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm.
Accounting compatible
Tax for all 50 U.S. states.
Online accounting auto-sync.
Offline accounting compatible.
Multi-state filing.
Accountant multi-client friendly.