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Good, bad, flagged


Good, bad, flagged

Calls that had good, bad, or flagged critiques as a percentage of reviewed calls.


Answer. Zipier has a number of reports that allow you to track good and bad calls.

You can select a specific date range, identify individual agents, or even see the results for the project as a whole.

See these reports:

Remember, for these reports will show any data, you'll need to set the critiques with:

  1. Turn on call recordings at Project > Calls out > Settings > Turn on recordings a....
  2. Make some calls.
  3. Set "Review target" at Project > Calls out > Settings > Review target.
  4. Listen to the selected call recordings by clicking the "Review calls" at Project > Project.
  5. If you don't have the "Review calls" button you'll need to get yourself added as a reviewer at Project > Members > Reviewers.
  6. Categorize each call against 24 "good", and 35 "bad" critiques (keyboard shortcuts make this easier) found at zipier.com/help/.Zipier_Phone_System/Quality_management/
  7. Click "Reviewed" save.
  8. Continue until the target is reached.
  9. Alternately, you can also find those calls at Project > Calls out > Calls list.

Now the above reports will have some data.

Updated: 22 Nov 2016. Keywords: track, critique, quality, observe, report, review, results, flagged.

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