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Quality management

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Quality management

This is the process to do quality management (QA) on calls:

  1. Turn on call recordings at Project > Calls out > Settings > Turn on recordings a....
  2. Make some calls.
  3. Set "Review target" at Project > Calls out > Settings > Review target.
  4. Listen to the selected call recordings by clicking the "Review calls" at Project > Project.
  5. If you don't have the "Review calls" button you'll need to get yourself added as a reviewer at Project > Members > Reviewers.
  6. Categorize each call against 24 "good", and 35 "bad" critiques (keyboard shortcuts make this easier) found at zipier.com/help/.Zipier_Phone_System/Quality_management/
  7. Click "Reviewed" save.
  8. Continue until the target is reached.
  9. Alternately, you can also find those calls at Project > Calls out > Calls list.

Here is the full list of 39 "bad", and 24 "good"critiques that you can rate each call with.

Wrong alpha, bravo...
  • Didn't verify with "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie..."
  • Didn't verify important details.
  • Didn't verify details back out loud.
Ignored sales
  • Ignored sales opportunities like up-sell, or cross-sell.
  • Ignored sales opportunities by not asking for the order.
  • Ignored sales opportunities by not trying to sell.
No restate
  • No restate of their question.
  • No restate with own words. Just repeated their words.
No Xfer reason
  • No transfer reason given.
  • No transfer reason given or didn't ask if OK to transfer.
No ask hold
  • Didn't ask if OK to hold.
  • Putting on hold 2nd time. Didn't ask again if OK to hold.
  • Just said "please hold". Didn't ask if OK to hold.
Lost control
  • Lost control of the call.
  • Lost control of the call by not keeping it moving forward.
Long wrap
  • Long wrap time. Taking notes after the call for too long.
  • Long wrap time. Possibly stopped calling after the call ended. Should've clicked "Save and stop calling".
Wrong dispo.
  • Wrong disposition chosen after the call ended.
Bad spelling
  • Bad spelling or mistakes entering the caller's details.
  • Wrong answer given.
  • Wrong answer given because didn't hear the caller's question.
  • Wrong answer given because not following the script.
Avoid ownership
  • Avoided ownership by not trying to solve the problem. Just passed it to someone else.
  • Misunderstood what the caller said. Carried on anyway.
  • Misunderstood what the caller said so guessed. Guessed wrong.
  • Misunderstood their meaning because didn't restate what the caller said.
Unnecessary Q's.
  • Unnecessary questions asked because wasn't listening.
  • Unnecessary questions asked that weren't needed to solve the problem.
  • Unnecessary questions asked about something the caller already said — asked just because it was on the script.
Weak ending
  • Weak ending without asking for anything else to help with.
  • Weak ending without summarizing next steps.
  • Weak ending without thanking the caller for their call.
3rd person
  • 3rd person reference about working for a call center or other 3rd party.
  • 3rd person reference to the client saying "them", "they", "their", etc.
Ums / ahs
  • "Ummms" or "ahhhs" spoken or other filler sounds.
OK ack.
  • Said just "OK", "a-huh", etc without proper acknowledgment of the caller.
Weak greeting
  • Weak greeting. Too quiet or timid.
  • Weak greeting. Didn't say company name.
  • Weak greeting. Didn't say name as the last word spoken.
  • Weak greeting. Didn't sound friendly.
Unclear explain
  • Unclear explanation of the policy, just said "That's not our policy".
  • Unclear explanation.
Bad Eng.
  • Bad English grammar.
  • Bad English pronunciation.
  • Bad English because of slang.
  • Bad English because of local expressions.
Used ma'am or sir
  • Used "Sir" or "Ma'am" instead of the callers name.
  • Wandered and didn't stick to the script.
  • Wandered and lost place in the script.
  • Wandered saying own words when the script would've been better.
  • Wandered skipping a step for no good reason.
Poor pace
  • Poor pace. Sounding nervous.
  • Poor pace. Jumbling up words.
  • Poor pace. Going too fast.
  • Poor pace. Going too slow.
  • Poor pace. Sounded hurried.
Slow lookup
  • Slow to lookup an answer.
Too much mute
  • Too much mute button use.
Weird silence
  • Weird silence. Didn't first explain why the call would go silent.
  • Weird silence. Didn't check back occassionally, to let the caller know what's happening.
Broken audio
  • Broken audio. The recording doesn't load, or there's nothing to hear.
IVR recording
  • IVR recording. Nothing was spoken. Only recorded messages.
Side talk
  • Side talk to co-workers that doesn't relate to the call.
  • Side talk to co-workers without first explaining the need to ask a co-worker.
Mic distant
  • Microphone sounds distant. Not placed correctly.
  • Microphone too far from mouth.
Bad vol.
  • Bad volume. Breathing into microphone.
  • Bad volume. Sounding too timid.
  • Bad volume. Didn't project voice into the call.
  • Unfriendly tone of voice.
  • Unfriendly with disrespectful language.
  • Uninterested, tired, or yawning voice.
  • Uninterested and no enthusiasm.
  • Uninterested and no effort to personalize the call.
  • Uninterested and displaying an "I don't care" attitude.
  • Drone with a monotonous voice.
  • Drone just reading the script.
  • Drone with no emotion or expression.
  • Drone with no pauses or pitch changes.
  • Unprofessional use of "yip", "yeah", etc.
  • Unprofessional use of "nope", "nah", etc.
Not calm
  • Not calm. Sounded angry at the caller.
  • Not calm. Sounded frustrated at the caller.
  • Unconfident apologies, e.g., "sorry, my English isn't very good".
  • Unconfident. Didn't give the caller confidence in your ability.
Bad manners
  • Bad manners. Didn't use "please" and "thank you".
  • Bad manners with eating sounds on the call.
  • Bad manners saying bad language on the call.
  • Flag call for more checking.
  • Flag call as unacceptable.
  • Verified with "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie..."
  • Verified by repeating back numbers and spelling.
Shift + 1
Sought sales
  • Sought sales opportunities.
  • Sought sales by jumping on a presented opportunity.
  • Sought sales by recorded notes for future sales opportunities.
Shift + 2
  • Restated back the caller's question with own words.
Shift + 3
Transfer reason
  • Transfer reason given and let the caller know who they'll be transferred to.
  • Transfer reason given and let the caller know why the next person would be better to deal with.
  • Transfer reason given and confirmed transferring is OK"
Shift + 4
Ask to hold
  • Asked to hold before putting on hold"
  • Putting on hold a 2nd time. Asked to hold again.
Shift + 5
Took ownership
  • Took ownership by trying to solve the problem.
  • Took ownership by resolving the problem on the first call.
  • Took ownership. Expressed confidence it could be solved.
  • Took ownership. Let the caller know they're speaking to the right person.
Shift + -
  • Thanked the caller for their inquiry.
  • Thanked the caller for their interest.
  • Thanked the caller for their business.
  • Thanked the caller for their loyalty.
  • If nothing else, thanked the caller for calling.
Shift + ,
Next steps
  • Next steps clearly explained.
  • Next steps means the caller knows what to do next.
  • Next steps given so there's certainty.
Shift + .
Good ending
  • Good ending. Checked for anything else to help with.
  • Good ending. Thanked the caller.
Shift + E
No 3rd person
  • No 3rd person references like "they", "theirs" or "them".
  • No 3rd person. Talked as if working directly for the company.
  • No 3rd person. Made it sound as if the company's employees are close by.
Shift + R
Good greeting
  • Good greeting. Gave the company name.
  • Good greeting in a friendly voice.
  • Good greeting. Gave agent's name as last word spoken.
Shift + G
Good explain
  • Good explain. Made the answer clear.
  • Good explain with words the caller understands.
  • Good explain by sticking to the written explanation.
  • Good explain by staying on topic.
Shift + X
Good name use
  • Good name use. Avoided "Sir" or "Ma'am".
  • Good name use with "Mr", "Mrs", or "Miss" used if only last name is known.
  • Good name use. Used caller's name during the call.
  • Good name use. Used the caller's 1st name — if they asked for it to be used.
  • Good name use. Used the caller's name during the call.
Shift + N
Didn't wander
  • Didn't wander. Used the wording in the script.
  • Didn't wander or skip steps in the script.
  • Didn't wander. Used the script, rather than making it up.
Shift + W
Well paced
  • Well paced. Didn't sound hurried.
  • Well paced. Speaking at a good speed.
Shift + P
Quick lookup
  • Quick lookup using the search tools.
  • Quick lookup. Remembered where things were.
Shift + L
  • Clear. Avoided slang.
  • Clear. Avoided local expressions.
Shift + J
Good vol.
  • Good volume. Projected voice into the microphone.
  • Good volume. Not too loud.
  • Good volume. Not too quiet.
Shift + V
  • Friendly and spoke with a smile.
Shift + Y
  • Interested and actively listening.
  • Interested and used rapport words.
  • Interested and enthusiastic.
  • Interested and made an effort to personalize the call.
Shift + I
  • Professional. Sounded focused on the call.
  • Professional. Demonstrated competence in solving the problem.
Shift + H
  • Calm. Didn't react to the caller's criticism.
  • Calm. Didn't express frustration.
Shift + K
  • Confident the problem could be resolved.
  • Confident. Spoke with authority and exactness.
Shift + C
Good manners
  • Good manners. Talked respectfully.
  • Good manners. Used "please" and "thank you".
  • Good manners. Began requests with "may I...".
Shift + M

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