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Quality management


Quality management

This is the process to do quality management (QA) on calls:

  1. Turn on call recordings at Project > Calls out > Settings > Turn on recordings a....
  2. Make some calls.
  3. Set "Review target" at Project > Calls out > Settings > Review target.
  4. Listen to the selected call recordings by clicking the "Review calls" at Project > Project.
  5. If you don't have the "Review calls" button you'll need to get yourself added as a reviewer at Project > Members > Reviewers.
  6. Categorize each call against 24 "good", and 35 "bad" critiques (keyboard shortcuts make this easier) found at
  7. Click "Reviewed" save.
  8. Continue until the target is reached.
  9. Alternately, you can also find those calls at Project > Calls out > Calls list.

Here is the full list of 39 "bad", and 24 "good"critiques that you can rate each call with.

Wrong alpha, bravo...
  • Didn't verify with "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie..."
  • Didn't verify important details.
  • Didn't verify details back out loud.
Ignored sales
  • Ignored sales opportunities like up-sell, or cross-sell.
  • Ignored sales opportunities by not asking for the order.
  • Ignored sales opportunities by not trying to sell.
No restate
  • No restate of their question.
  • No restate with own words. Just repeated their words.
No Xfer reason
  • No transfer reason given.
  • No transfer reason given or didn't ask if OK to transfer.
No ask hold
  • Didn't ask if OK to hold.
  • Putting on hold 2nd time. Didn't ask again if OK to hold.
  • Just said "please hold". Didn't ask if OK to hold.
Lost control
  • Lost control of the call.
  • Lost control of the call by not keeping it moving forward.
Long wrap
  • Long wrap time. Taking notes after the call for too long.
  • Long wrap time. Possibly stopped calling after the call ended. Should've clicked "Save and stop calling".
Wrong dispo.
  • Wrong disposition chosen after the call ended.
Bad spelling
  • Bad spelling or mistakes entering the caller's details.
  • Wrong answer given.
  • Wrong answer given because didn't hear the caller's question.
  • Wrong answer given because not following the script.
Avoid ownership
  • Avoided ownership by not trying to solve the problem. Just passed it to someone else.
  • Misunderstood what the caller said. Carried on anyway.
  • Misunderstood what the caller said so guessed. Guessed wrong.
  • Misunderstood their meaning because didn't restate what the caller said.
Unnecessary Q's.
  • Unnecessary questions asked because wasn't listening.
  • Unnecessary questions asked that weren't needed to solve the problem.
  • Unnecessary questions asked about something the caller already said. Asked just because it was on the script.
Weak ending
  • Weak ending without asking for anything else to help with.
  • Weak ending without summarizing next steps.
  • Weak ending without thanking the caller for their call.
3rd person
  • 3rd person reference about working for a call center or other 3rd party.
  • 3rd person reference to the client saying "them", "they", "their", etc.
Ums / ahs
  • "Ummms" or "ahhhs" spoken or other filler sounds.
OK ack.
  • Said just "OK", "a-huh", etc without proper acknowledgment of the caller.
Weak greeting
  • Weak greeting. Too quiet or timid.
  • Weak greeting. Didn't say company name.
  • Weak greeting. Didn't say name as the last word spoken.
  • Weak greeting. Didn't sound friendly.
Unclear explain
  • Unclear explanation of the policy, just said "That's not our policy".
  • Unclear explanation.
Bad Eng.
  • Bad English grammar.
  • Bad English pronunciation.
  • Bad English because of slang.
  • Bad English because of local expressions.
Used ma'am or sir
  • Used "Sir" or "Ma'am" instead of the callers name.
  • Wandered and didn't stick to the script.
  • Wandered and lost place in the script.
  • Wandered saying own words when the script would've been better.
  • Wandered skipping a step for no good reason.
Poor pace
  • Poor pace. Sounding nervous.
  • Poor pace. Jumbling up words.
  • Poor pace. Going too fast.
  • Poor pace. Going too slow.
  • Poor pace. Sounded hurried.
Slow lookup
  • Slow to lookup an answer.
Too much mute
  • Too much mute button use.
Weird silence
  • Weird silence. Didn't first explain why the call would go silent.
  • Weird silence. Didn't check back occassionally, to let the caller know what's happening.
Broken audio
  • Broken audio. The recording doesn't load, or there's nothing to hear.
IVR recording
  • IVR recording. Nothing was spoken. Only recorded messages.
Side talk
  • Side talk to co-workers that doesn't relate to the call.
  • Side talk to co-workers without first explaining the need to ask a co-worker.
Mic distant
  • Microphone sounds distant. Not placed correctly.
  • Microphone too far from mouth.
Bad vol.
  • Bad volume. Breathing into microphone.
  • Bad volume. Sounding too timid.
  • Bad volume. Didn't project voice into the call.
  • Unfriendly tone of voice.
  • Unfriendly with disrespectful language.
  • Uninterested, tired, or yawning voice.
  • Uninterested and no enthusiasm.
  • Uninterested and no effort to personalize the call.
  • Uninterested and displaying an "I don't care" attitude.
  • Drone with a monotonous voice.
  • Drone just reading the script.
  • Drone with no emotion or expression.
  • Drone with no pauses or pitch changes.
  • Unprofessional use of "yip", "yeah", etc.
  • Unprofessional use of "nope", "nah", etc.
Not calm
  • Not calm. Sounded angry at the caller.
  • Not calm. Sounded frustrated at the caller.
  • Unconfident apologies, e.g., "sorry, my English isn't very good".
  • Unconfident. Didn't give the caller confidence in your ability.
Bad manners
  • Bad manners. Didn't use "please" and "thank you".
  • Bad manners with eating sounds on the call.
  • Bad manners saying bad language on the call.
  • Flag call for more checking.
  • Flag call as unacceptable.
  • Verified with "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie..."
  • Verified by repeating back numbers and spelling.
Shift + 1
Sought sales
  • Sought sales opportunities.
  • Sought sales by jumping on a presented opportunity.
  • Sought sales by recorded notes for future sales opportunities.
Shift + 2
  • Restated back the caller's question with own words.
Shift + 3
Transfer reason
  • Transfer reason given and let the caller know who they'll be transferred to.
  • Transfer reason given and let the caller know why the next person would be better to deal with.
  • Transfer reason given and confirmed transferring is OK"
Shift + 4
Ask to hold
  • Asked to hold before putting on hold"
  • Putting on hold a 2nd time. Asked to hold again.
Shift + 5
Took ownership
  • Took ownership by trying to solve the problem.
  • Took ownership by resolving the problem on the first call.
  • Took ownership. Expressed confidence it could be solved.
  • Took ownership. Let the caller know they're speaking to the right person.
Shift + -
  • Thanked the caller for their inquiry.
  • Thanked the caller for their interest.
  • Thanked the caller for their business.
  • Thanked the caller for their loyalty.
  • If nothing else, thanked the caller for calling.
Shift + ,
Next steps
  • Next steps clearly explained.
  • Next steps means the caller knows what to do next.
  • Next steps given so there's certainty.
Shift + .
Good ending
  • Good ending. Checked for anything else to help with.
  • Good ending. Thanked the caller.
Shift + E
No 3rd person
  • No 3rd person references like "they", "theirs" or "them".
  • No 3rd person. Talked as if working directly for the company.
  • No 3rd person. Made it sound as if the company's employees are close by.
Shift + R
Good greeting
  • Good greeting. Gave the company name.
  • Good greeting in a friendly voice.
  • Good greeting. Gave agent's name as last word spoken.
Shift + G
Good explain
  • Good explain. Made the answer clear.
  • Good explain with words the caller understands.
  • Good explain by sticking to the written explanation.
  • Good explain by staying on topic.
Shift + X
Good name use
  • Good name use. Avoided "Sir" or "Ma'am".
  • Good name use with "Mr", "Mrs", or "Miss" used if only last name is known.
  • Good name use. Used caller's name during the call.
  • Good name use. Used the caller's 1st name (if they asked for it to be used).
  • Good name use. Used the caller's name during the call.
Shift + N
Didn't wander
  • Didn't wander. Used the wording in the script.
  • Didn't wander or skip steps in the script.
  • Didn't wander. Used the script, rather than making it up.
Shift + W
Well paced
  • Well paced. Didn't sound hurried.
  • Well paced. Speaking at a good speed.
Shift + P
Quick lookup
  • Quick lookup using the search tools.
  • Quick lookup. Remembered where things were.
Shift + L
  • Clear. Avoided slang.
  • Clear. Avoided local expressions.
Shift + J
Good vol.
  • Good volume. Projected voice into the microphone.
  • Good volume. Not too loud.
  • Good volume. Not too quiet.
Shift + V
  • Friendly and spoke with a smile.
Shift + Y
  • Interested and actively listening.
  • Interested and used rapport words.
  • Interested and enthusiastic.
  • Interested and made an effort to personalize the call.
Shift + I
  • Professional. Sounded focused on the call.
  • Professional. Demonstrated competence in solving the problem.
Shift + H
  • Calm. Didn't react to the caller's criticism.
  • Calm. Didn't express frustration.
Shift + K
  • Confident the problem could be resolved.
  • Confident. Spoke with authority and exactness.
Shift + C
Good manners
  • Good manners. Talked respectfully.
  • Good manners. Used "please" and "thank you".
  • Good manners. Began requests with "may I...".
Shift + M
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