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Searching leads


Searching leads


Go to Project > Leads > Lead search, enter your search criteria and click "Search".


  • Go to Project > Leads > Lead search.
  • Enter your search criteria and click "Search".
  • Tick the checkbox next to the leads you wish to delete.
  • Click "Delete".


  • Go to Project > Leads > Lead search.
  • Enter your search criteria and click "Search".
  • Tick the checkbox next to the lead you wish to edit (one at a time).
  • Click "Edit".
  • Make your changes.
  • Click "Save".



The basic search form in Project > Leads > Lead search allows you to search on:

  • Lead name;
  • Lead phone.

To see see advanced search options tick "Show more options". Then you can:

  • Choose which projects to search within by unchecking "This project only";
  • Show calls with a certain disposition;
  • Search for calls withinin a period of time;
  • Narrow leads by usage (only used, only unused, etc);
  • Show leads uploaded on a date;
  • Display leads that are in a country or state;
  • Search for external ID, company name and email;
  • Search by any of your custom fields.



Yes. You need to specify at least any 3 characters of the lead's name or phone number.


After completing a search you'll see several buttons:

  • "Change search" will open the search form again;
  • "View calls" will show you the list of calls made for up to 10 checked leads;
  • "Delete" will delete checked leads;
  • "Edit" will show you the edit form for checked lead (one at a time);
  • "Download X leads" will download all matching leads as a CSV file.

Click the checkbox in the top left corner of the search results table to select/deselect all results.

You can select/deselect a range of leads by holding down "Shift" as you click a checkbox.


If you need to find a particular lead but don't see it in search results you can:

  • Narrow your search by entering more characters of name or phone, selecting proper disposition, calling date range, import date etc;
  • Extend your search by including deleted leads, or searching in other projects.

You can click "Download" to get a CSV file with all leads matching your search criteria.



Yes. Just select up to 10 found leads and click "View calls".


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