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Can I use Zipier Phone System without obligations


Can I use Zipier Phone System without obligations

Answer. Zipier Phone System is obligation free.

You can use Zipier Phone System as much as you like, for your own commercial purposes, including ventures like running a call center, doing outsourcing for third party paying clients, building a customer help desk, or any other commercial or personal purpose.

Zipier doesn't charge anything for using Zipier Phone System. It's FREE today and will remain FREE in the future.

  • You're not required to subscribe to any other Zipier services.
  • You're not required to mention Zipier on your home page.
  • Zipier won't tamper with your phone calls in any way.
  • Zipier won't promote itself to your customers.
Updated: 22 Nov 2016. Keywords: free, permission, commercial, purpose, personal, outsourcing, client, catch.
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