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Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM


If you don't aleady have a Zoho CRM account, this video will show you how to sign up. Skip this video if you already have an account.



Next, this video will show you how to connect Zoho CRM CRM account to Zipier. You'll only need to set this connection once.



Next, download and install Zipier Phone so you can make calls.

1:42 Zipier Phone is for windows only. On any other platform (and also on Windows) you can also use any SIP compatible software or desk phone to make calls.

If you're using your own SIP phone, set the following:

  1. User name: zipier.1234 (replace 1234 with your 4 digit extension)
  2. Password: ******** (your 8 digit PIN number)
  3. Gateway: sip.zipier.com

Install the Zipier CRM Connector Chrome extension so that phone numbers found in Zoho CRM can be automatically directed to Zipier.

1:04 The Zipier CRM Connector is only available for the Google Chrome browser.


Now you're all set! Call your Zoho CRM contacts directly from your browser with a single click.


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