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4. Bridging from one schedule to another

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4. Bridging from one schedule to another?


Moving from one pay period type to another? Watch this video to learn how to bridge two pay period types, without leaving a gap.


00:001.  How to bridge from one type of schedule to another. This example is for advanced users. In this example, you'll learn how to change from a bi-weekly schedule, to a semi-monthly schedule.
00:132.  To bridge from one type of schedule to another, first open your pay batch.
00:213.  Click "Change". Open your current bi-weekly schedule.
00:274.  Scroll to "Ends on". Set the last date for bi-weekly pay, then save.
00:365.  The "Calendar" shows bi-weekly stops as expected.
00:426.  Now make a "New schedule",
00:467.  of type "Semi-monthly".
00:528.  Set the "Starts on" date, and save.
00:599.  The "Calendar" shows semi-monthly starts as expected, but there's a 9 day gap between them.
01:0810.  To bridge this gap,
01:1011.  make a "New schedule",
01:1612.  of type "Once only".
01:2013.  Zipier suggests the recommended starts and end dates. Just set them and save.
01:2914.  Now the "Calendar" shows every day is covered. Zipier makes bridging schedules easy.

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