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1. Types of pay schedule

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1. Types of pay schedule?

The five pay period types are:

  • Weekly. Every week.
  • Bi-weekly. Every two weeks.
  • Semi-monthly. Twice a month.
  • Monthly. Once a month.
  • Once only. Bridge from one schedule to another.


00:001.  Zipier's types of schedules. In Zipier you have five choices for the kind of schedule you'd like to use: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and once only.
00:122.  To get to schedules, go to a pay batch,
00:213.  then click "Change",
00:244.  and choose a schedule.
00:285.  Weekly schedules allow your employees to have their pay period end on the same day of every week. You're free to choose any day of the week that you'd like their pay period to end on. Weekly is popular as it also means your employees get paid every week. This creates an easy to remember routine of pay days.
00:496.  Bi-weekly schedules means each pay period lasts exactly two weeks. Bi-weekly is popular because you also get an easy to remember routine of pay days, but with half the effort of weekly.
01:037.  Semi-monthly schedules means you have two pay periods a month, each ending on two different days of your choice. You can choose any two days you like. A popular choice is the 1st and 15th of the month. Others like to use the 15th and 30th. All of these options and more are possible with semi-monthly. On unusual months like February, which ends on the 28th, Zipier will still correctly end your pay period the way you'd expect.
01:328.  Monthly schedules create a pay period that ends on the same date of each month. You're free to choose any date in the month that you'd like as your period end date. Again, irregular month ending dates like February work just fine.
01:489.  The final option is once only schedules. These are useful if your organization is switching from one pay period type to another, for example moving from bi-weekly to semi-monthly pay periods. They're easy to setup, but not used very often. Learn more by watching the video "Bridging` from one schedule to another".

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