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00:001.  How to pay paystubs each pay day.
00:032.  To get started, first go to the menu.
00:073.  Then, go to "Pay batches" and click on your pay batch.
00:164.  Click on today's "Pay day".
00:235.  Review the details for each paystub, including penalties and payables.
00:306.  To see more details about a paystub click edit.
00:447.  If you aren't ready to pay someone yet, you can skip paying their paystub by turning off the row; you can always come back and pay them later
00:528.  When you're all ready, click "Pay now".
00:559.  Zipier can send an email to each employee, and download a PDF of all the paystubs in case you'd like to print them.
01:0210.  Finally, click "Yes" to pay your paystubs.
01:1011.  Now all the paystubs have been emailed, and you can relax, because your payroll's all done.

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Answer. Go to the person's paystub.

To get the sub-total hours for each person's pay period:

  1. Setup a pay batch with your pay day cycle at Pay batches ➜ Setup.
  2. Add people to that pay batch at Pay batches ➜ People.
  3. Go to a person's Payslips and you'll see a breakdown of their hours with sub-totals.
Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: export, time.
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