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If your accounting package isn't supported by Zipier (yet), you can still get a nicely formatted email listing each journal entry, with it's debits and credits.

This makes Zipier Payroll super easy no matter what accounting package you use.


00:001.  Adding paystub journal entries manually. This is only for if your accounting package isn't supported by Zipier yet.
00:092.  Your paystub journal entries are ready for posting the day after your paystubs are paid. To see them, first go to your pay batch.
00:223.  On the to-do list tab, find the "Manually enter paystubs" link.
00:274.  Click it to see your journal entries.
00:325.  Mouse over each number, press Control-C to copy, then paste it in to your accounting system as a debit or credit.
00:456.  Also, at the bottom, you'll see a list of each person's paystubs covered by these journal entries.
00:577.  Also, as a reminder, you'll automatically get an email with these same journal entries. This is a convenient alternative, saving you from having to look for them in Zipier.
01:128.  You can now easily copy them manually to your accounting software as debits and credits. Once copied, feel free to delete this email. Zipier keeps it all stored.
01:259.  And now you're all done.

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