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Release notes

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Release notes

Current latest version is 1.0.326

Download from zipier.com/desktop


Released: March 25th 2019.

  • Updated certificates.

Released: September, 8th 2018.

  • Updated workmonitors.

Released: August, 31st 2018.

  • Fixed Windows and Linux activity.

Released: August, 31st 2018.

  • Fixed Windows 10 notification images.

Released: August, 31st 2018.

  • Fixed right side of work time menu has no border.
  • Fixed Linux work-time menu sometimes shows on a different screen than the one you clicked on.
  • Fixed Linux window icon from being just a question mark.
  • Fixed Linux flashing tray icon.

Released: August, 23rd 2018.

  • Switched the linux version to electron builder.
  • Upgraded Electron to 2.0.7.
  • Fixed bug: when you login using the magic link it quits the work monitor.

Released: August, 2nd 2018.

  • Stabilization release.

Released: April, 20th 2018.

  • Made Zipier Desktop run straight after install instead of having to open from the start menu after install.

Released: April, 17th 2018.

  • Fixed anti-virus false positives.

Released: April, 16th 2018.

  • Fixed notification icons on Windows 10.

Released: April, 15th 2018.

  • Improved notification text.

Released: April, 10th 2018.

  • Added dialog showing auto-update download progress.

Released: April, 8th 2018.

  • Added 32 bit version.

Released: April, 5th 2018.

  • Better trust with firewalls.

Released: March, 31st 2018.

  • Updated certificates.
  • Fix auto-updating.

Released: December, 8th 2017.

  • Work time menu fixed.

Released: November, 20th 2017.

  • Fixed switch projects, timesheet and add a note in the work time menu.
  • Added loading page for when there's no internet.
  • Fixed work time menu's height is sometimes wrong.

Released: November, 3rd 2017.

  • Fixed broken global search.
  • If you open the shots panel in the work time menu it crashes.
  • If you press Win + [ twice you get multiple start times.

Released: September, 13th 2017.

  • Fixed error reporting.
  • Fixed windows shortcuts.

Released: September, 9th 2017.

  • Updated workmonitor.

Released: June, 23th 2017.

  • Mac version
    • Updated menus.
    • Make traffic lights native.

Released: April, 19th 2017.

  • Fixed start and stop notifications crash Zipier Desktop.

Released: April, 14th 2017.

  • Added onboarding notifications.

Released: Mar, 17th 2017.

  • Languages don't load if disconnected.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Auto login to Zipier Desktop when logging in to Zipier from browser.
  • Menu item for single window mode.
  • Windows 10 support.

Released: Dec, 21th 2016.

  • Magic link login.
  • Translated into multiple languages.
  • Notifications.
  • Remove window chrome.

Released: Nov, 20th 2016.

  • First full Mac release.
    • Finish .dmg packaging on Mac.
    • Finished UI on Mac.
    • Redo menus and local shortcuts on a Mac.
    • Fix quad workspace mode on Mac.
  • Fix opening tray menu.
  • Fix tray follow list. Clicking it didn't bring Zipier Desktop to foreground.
  • Change toggle fullscreen to exit and enter fullscreen.
  • Fixed context icons to work on dark themes.
  • Fixed incrementing the version number.

Released: Nov, 13th 2016.

  • Updated edit menu.
  • Fixed bug where app crashes when you close a window in dual panel mode.
  • Fixed work-time menu popup font size.
  • Fixed zoom in and zoom out.
  • Fixed error when exiting work monitor.
  • Put reset app data in tray menu.
  • When you minimize a window in dual panel mode then press Win+J Zipier Desktop doesn't show.
  • Fixed closing one workspace in dual panel mode.
  • Removed window chrome and built own close and window top bar.
  • Showed dashed line on focused workspace.
  • Auto increment version number on each build.
  • Synchronize version number updates everywhere.
  • Icons on context menu.
  • Open link in opposite workspace.

Released: Nov, 1st 2016.

  • Change icon and name in metro screen.
  • Add F5 to reload.
  • Don't show loading spinner and window when run at startup.
  • Take shadow off work-time menu popup on Mac.
  • Fix work-time menu popup positioning.
  • New shortcut Win + ; to go to timesheet.
  • Updated shortcuts for Mac.
  • When entering quad panel mode it should focus on the current workspace.
  • When exiting quad panel mode it should only show the current workspace.
  • Load in workspace.
  • Add back and forward in right-click menu.
  • Reset app data exit quad and dual panel mode.
  • Load in new tab.
  • Synchronize font size between workspaces.
  • Font size storage.
  • Tray tooltip.

Released: Oct, 25th 2016.

  • Dual panel layout.
  • Quad panel layout.
  • Quiet mode for run at startup.
  • Four workspaces.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Follow column with shots.
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