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Answer. Your people aren't running Zipier Desktop.

The main reason there's no data on the 'Active' or 'Focused' reports is your people aren't running Zipier Desktop.

The data collected from Zipier Desktop is what drives the 'Active' or 'Focused' reports. Without it, these reports will be empty.

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Answer. Download from zipier.com/desktop.

Download Zipier Desktop at:

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Answer. Go to Org settings ➜ Attendance ➜ Blacklist.

You can edit Zipier's master blacklist by adding and removing websites at Org settings ➜ Attendance ➜ Blacklist.

Just follow the instructions on the page.

These blacklisted websites are used by Zipier Desktop. Detections show as a black mark on the day's timeline and are listed on the timesheet.

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Answer. Check Zipier Desktop > Run at startup.

To make Zipier Desktop run every time I turn my computer on, click on the icon near the Windows clock, then check Zipier Desktop > Run at startup.

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Answer. Either stop your work-time or don't run Zipier Desktop.

Zipier Desktop will only take shots or track your browser activity during times your work-time is started. In other words, during times you're working for your employer.

Zipier Desktop is an optional part of Zipier. Your your work-time will continue to function without it.

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Answer. Max. two monitors.

Zipier Desktop supports taking screenshots of up to two monitors. If there's more than two monitors, it'll randomly choose two from those detected.

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Answer. Current latest version is 1.0.326

Download from zipier.com/desktop


Released: March 25th 2019.

  • Updated certificates.

Released: September, 8th 2018.

  • Updated workmonitors.

Released: August, 31st 2018.

  • Fixed Windows and Linux activity.

Released: August, 31st 2018.

  • Fixed Windows 10 notification images.

Released: August, 31st 2018.

  • Fixed right side of work time menu has no border.
  • Fixed Linux work-time menu sometimes shows on a different screen than the one you clicked on.
  • Fixed Linux window icon from being just a question mark.
  • Fixed Linux flashing tray icon.

Released: August, 23rd 2018.

  • Switched the linux version to electron builder.
  • Upgraded Electron to 2.0.7.
  • Fixed bug: when you login using the magic link it quits the work monitor.

Released: August, 2nd 2018.

  • Stabilization release.

Released: April, 20th 2018.

  • Made Zipier Desktop run straight after install instead of having to open from the start menu after install.

Released: April, 17th 2018.

  • Fixed anti-virus false positives.

Released: April, 16th 2018.

  • Fixed notification icons on Windows 10.

Released: April, 15th 2018.

  • Improved notification text.

Released: April, 10th 2018.

  • Added dialog showing auto-update download progress.

Released: April, 8th 2018.

  • Added 32 bit version.

Released: April, 5th 2018.

  • Better trust with firewalls.

Released: March, 31st 2018.

  • Updated certificates.
  • Fix auto-updating.

Released: December, 8th 2017.

  • Work time menu fixed.

Released: November, 20th 2017.

  • Fixed switch projects, timesheet and add a note in the work time menu.
  • Added loading page for when there's no internet.
  • Fixed work time menu's height is sometimes wrong.

Released: November, 3rd 2017.

  • Fixed broken global search.
  • If you open the shots panel in the work time menu it crashes.
  • If you press Win + [ twice you get multiple start times.

Released: September, 13th 2017.

  • Fixed error reporting.
  • Fixed windows shortcuts.

Released: September, 9th 2017.

  • Updated workmonitor.

Released: June, 23th 2017.

  • Mac version
    • Updated menus.
    • Make traffic lights native.

Released: April, 19th 2017.

  • Fixed start and stop notifications crash Zipier Desktop.

Released: April, 14th 2017.

  • Added onboarding notifications.

Released: Mar, 17th 2017.

  • Languages don't load if disconnected.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Auto login to Zipier Desktop when logging in to Zipier from browser.
  • Menu item for single window mode.
  • Windows 10 support.

Released: Dec, 21th 2016.

  • Magic link login.
  • Translated into multiple languages.
  • Notifications.
  • Remove window chrome.

Released: Nov, 20th 2016.

  • First full Mac release.
    • Finish .dmg packaging on Mac.
    • Finished UI on Mac.
    • Redo menus and local shortcuts on a Mac.
    • Fix quad workspace mode on Mac.
  • Fix opening tray menu.
  • Fix tray follow list. Clicking it didn't bring Zipier Desktop to foreground.
  • Change toggle fullscreen to exit and enter fullscreen.
  • Fixed context icons to work on dark themes.
  • Fixed incrementing the version number.

Released: Nov, 13th 2016.

  • Updated edit menu.
  • Fixed bug where app crashes when you close a window in dual panel mode.
  • Fixed work-time menu popup font size.
  • Fixed zoom in and zoom out.
  • Fixed error when exiting work monitor.
  • Put reset app data in tray menu.
  • When you minimize a window in dual panel mode then press Win+J Zipier Desktop doesn't show.
  • Fixed closing one workspace in dual panel mode.
  • Removed window chrome and built own close and window top bar.
  • Showed dashed line on focused workspace.
  • Auto increment version number on each build.
  • Synchronize version number updates everywhere.
  • Icons on context menu.
  • Open link in opposite workspace.

Released: Nov, 1st 2016.

  • Change icon and name in metro screen.
  • Add F5 to reload.
  • Don't show loading spinner and window when run at startup.
  • Take shadow off work-time menu popup on Mac.
  • Fix work-time menu popup positioning.
  • New shortcut Win + ; to go to timesheet.
  • Updated shortcuts for Mac.
  • When entering quad panel mode it should focus on the current workspace.
  • When exiting quad panel mode it should only show the current workspace.
  • Load in workspace.
  • Add back and forward in right-click menu.
  • Reset app data exit quad and dual panel mode.
  • Load in new tab.
  • Synchronize font size between workspaces.
  • Font size storage.
  • Tray tooltip.

Released: Oct, 25th 2016.

  • Dual panel layout.
  • Quad panel layout.
  • Quiet mode for run at startup.
  • Four workspaces.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Follow column with shots.
Answer. Zipier Desktop tracks computer activity and takes screen and webcam shots.

Zipier Desktop will help you to:

  • Track your day.
  • Great for remote teams.
  • Always know your team's status.
  • Share screen and cam shots.
  • Start or stop your work-time.

Download Zipier Desktop at zipier.com/desktop

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Answer. Everybody in your org can see your current shots.

Viewing the shots taken by Zipier Desktop is limited only to people in your org.

Everybody in your org can see your current shots (both screenshot and webcam, updated every minute) if they happen to look at your status in Zipier.

Zipier Desktop will only take shots or track your browser activity during times your work-time is started.

In addition, about one random shot every 45 minutes is saved as a record of you activity for the day. This is viewable by yourself, your managers, supervisors, and your project leaders.

See your own shots at:

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: view, watch, observe, photos, webcam, pictures.
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