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Promo code - Where can I promote my code

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Promo code - Where can I promote my code

Answer. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, website banner ad, and many more.

Promote your promo code wherever you like!

You don't have to ask permission. You'll get the $120 payout for anyone who comes in through your promo code — regardless of the source.

Common examples:

  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • Your blogs.
  • Your email signature.
  • Your website — as a banner ad.
  • Your online forum.
  • Tell attendees of seminars, conferences, meetups, breakfast clubs, expos, etc, you organize.
  • Your Eventbrite or meetup.com group.
  • By direct email to any compliant opt-in list — SPAM ISN'T ALLOWED.

More examples:

  • Your car bumper sticker.
  • The back of your greeting or business card.
  • The local newspaper.
  • Free classified websites.
  • Your weekly podcast.
  • Your YouTube channel.

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