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8. Problems, cancellation and refunds

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8. Problems, cancellation and refunds

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Answer. Yes, but please give Zipier one weeks notice.

We understand that:

  • Some services have a 10 to 30 day shut-down over Christmas.
  • Some services are seasonal.

Where possible, please time the end date of your service to be on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, so your Cloud Co-workers can finish with a full weeks pay.

If you need to put your service on hold for a few weeks, coordinate with your service center manager to help ensure you get the same Cloud Co-workers back -- when you're ready to resume.

The more advance notice you give us, the better we can run your service, and the happier your Cloud Co-workers will be.

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Answer. It's possible to start your Cloud Co-workers under Zipier, and then transfer them to be employed in your own company.

Talk to your service center manager to discuss how to make this transition possible.

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Answer. You'll be refunded for the hours below your target hours.

Each project has an agreed weekly target of hours you'll be billed for, usually 10 hours, 20 hours, or as many 40 hours Cloud Co-workers as you like.

Zipier's reports will clearly show you if your project is over or under target hours.

If the hours worked is over/under:

  1. The difference will be rolled-over to your next weeks billing.
  2. Your next week's statement will show a debit/credit adjustment.

We won't charge you for any hours where your Cloud Co-workers:

  • Weren't scheduled due to agreed public holidays in your country.
  • Didn't report for work.
  • Mis-reported hours.
  • Or were found to not be working during the reported hours when work was available.

Project leaders work with each Cloud Co-worker to ensure that quality is monitored on a daily basis.

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Answer. Additional training, formal warning, or replacement.

Talk to your dedicated service center manager if one of your Cloud Co-workers isn't working out. You can request:

  • Additional training.
  • Delivery of a formal warning.
  • A replacement Cloud Co-worker.
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Answer. You can configure your projects the way you like by moving your Cloud Co-workers.

If you're running multiple projects with Cloud Co-workers, you're welcome to configure your projects the way you like, including:

  • Requesting a Cloud Co-worker move from one project to another.
  • Requesting a project to grow or shrink its head count.
  • Requesting specific Cloud Co-workers be replaced -- if you feel they're not suitable.
Updated: 9 Apr 2019. Keywords: reorganize, transfer, assign.
Answer. It's possible to get the same Cloud Co-workers back, but not guaranteed.

We'll make all efforts possible to get you back the same Cloud Co-workers you previously had, but this can't be guaranteed -- they may have been reassigned to another account.

Your service center manager remains the same, so you can discuss this before you make any decision.

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Answer. One weeks notice is all we need.

We're flexible and friendly. Increase or decrease your headcount to match your business.

Scheduling of your Cloud Co-workers is done on a weekly basis, ending each Sunday. One weeks notice from the ending Sunday is all Zipier needs.

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