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7. Working conditions

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7. Working conditions

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Answer. Zipier's Cloud Co-workers are available on 10 hours, 20 hours, or as many 40 hours Cloud Co-workers as you like.

A 37.5 hours a week plan is also available for 24/7 accounts.

Zipier's Cloud Co-workers working on 10 hour or 20 hour plans generally also work for other accounts too. We aim to provide a full standard 40 hour work week for all employees (with overtime when required).

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Answer. You're welcome to offer additional direct incentives to your Cloud Co-workers.

This is optional and is on top of our fully inclusive rate starting at USD $7 per hour.

Talk to your service center manager about the best way to deliver your incentives.

We won't take a cut of any additional incentives to your Cloud Co-workers -- they'll get the full amount.

Updated: 9 Apr 2019. Keywords: prize, reward, cash, gift, bonus, motivate, encourage.
Answer. Your Cloud Co-workers are scheduled to work the hours you request.

You can request them to work night shifts, public holidays or even weekends. All at the same simple rate.

If a working day falls on a public holiday your Cloud Co-workers get 100% extra pay (double pay) from Zipier at no extra cost to you.

Updated: 9 Apr 2019. Keywords: overtime, evening, morning, time, shift, plan, vacation.
Answer. Zipier's Cloud Co-workers mostly earn about double the average full-time pay of others in their community.

Zipier contributes monthly to social security, medical, and housing funds on behalf of each Cloud Co-worker.

Updated: 9 Apr 2019. Keywords: wage, amount, poor, increase.
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