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6. Service centers

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6. Service centers

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Answer. Your items can be put on the walls of our service center, around your Cloud Co-workers.

You're welcome to send posters, logos, or other printouts to be put on the walls of our service center around your Cloud Co-workers.

You can also send files of key information that can be printed and attached to their monitor, or the walls around your Cloud Co-worker's desks for quick reference, such as:

  • Your glossary of keywords.
  • Your company's contact directory.
  • Your office and branch addresses or map.
  • A time zone map.
  • Current discounts or special offers.
  • Anything else you think of.
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Answer. Noise-canceling headsets, large 1080p HD monitors, and an individual semi-open plan desk setup.

At Zipier, each of your Cloud Co-worker's desks are setup with:

  • Noise-cancelling headsets: Zipier uses only Plantronics Blackwire premium noise-cancelling stereo headsets, designed for all day comfort.
  • Large monitors: Zipier ensures that each Cloud Co-worker has a large 1080p HD monitor setup so they can work productively.
  • Individual desks: Each Cloud Co-worker gets an individual semi-open plan desk setup, giving a sense of community, while helping with concentration.
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Answer. Zipier's service centers are in well connected business parks in the Philippines.

Service centers in other countries are under review but haven't been announced yet.

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Answer. Zipier is committed to reducing pollution, improving energy efficiency, and full recycling.

Zipier is committed to doing its part to care for the environment by:

  • Reducing pollution: Most of Zipier's Cloud Co-workers choose to use car-pooling or public transport options when traveling to and from work, reducing traffic pollution and congestion.
  • Improving energy efficiency: All of Zipier's workstations are fitted with energy efficient PCs and LCD monitors to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Full recycling: All service center waste is separated for recycling.
  • Paper-free: All of Zipier's own internal departments operate on a paper-free basis.
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Answer. Risk of possible interruptions to your Cloud Co-workers is low.

We operate our service centers in the Philippines.

Here's a brief risk analysis on possible interruptions to your Zipier Cloud Co-workers service:

The Philippines

  • Bad weather. Risk = Low: The Philippines has an annual monsoon, but is well prepared as this is an expected yearly occurrence.
  • Flood. Risk = Low: our service centers are in developed major city business parks that have good drainage.
  • Electrical blackout. Risk = Low: We operate in buildings that have backup generators. Internet routers and infrastructure also have backup generators.
  • Terror attack. Risk = Low: The Philippines has some anti-government groups, but they're a long way (1,500 KM or 2-3 days drive) from our service centers.
  • Internet outage. Risk = Low: The Philippines has multiple high speed fiber optic submarine cables connecting it to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Guam.
  • War. Risk = Low: The Philippines hasn't been involved in a war since World War II, and has military protection treaties with the U.S.
  • Political unrest. Risk = Low: The Philippines is a peace-loving nation. Both the EDSA Revolution (30 yrs ago) and the Second EDSA Revolution (15 yrs ago) were "bloodless" non-violent protests that led to government reform.
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Answer. Security guards, employee IDs, ban on USB drives, immediate account closure, daily PC resets, camera surveillance, web site black-listing, activity monitoring, and PCs locked.

Upon entering a Zipier service center, you'll notice the following security measures:

  • Security guards: All Zipier's service centers have a single point of entry and exit manned by 24/7 full-time professional security guards.
  • Employee IDs: Each Cloud Co-worker must present their photographic employee ID to the security guards.
  • Ban on USB drives: All Cloud Co-workers aren't allowed to bring USB drives of any kind into the service center.
  • Immediate account closure: When a Cloud Co-worker ends employment with Zipier, accounts are locked immediately.
  • Daily PC resets: PCs are reset back to their original configuration every time they're restarted (daily).
  • Camera surveillance: Every desk is monitored by two remote cameras: one towards the Cloud Co-worker's face, the other looking down on the Cloud Co-worker's desk and seating area.
  • Web site black-listing: Zipier Desktop monitors access to black-listed web sites.
  • Activity monitoring: Keyboard, mouse, telephone, screen shots, foreground applications and web site visits are logged throughout the day by Zipier Desktop.
  • PCs locked: Your Cloud Co-workers are trained to lock their PC whenever they leave their desk. Zipier Desktop monitors PC locking compliance.
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Answer. The Philippines UTC+08:00.

Whenever Zipier discusses or reports to you, we'll always communicate using your time zone as the base time zone.

Compare today's time at: timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingtime.html?p1=176&p2=145&p3=179&p4=76&p5=220&p6=137&p7=136&p8=240&p9=22

The Philippines

Our Philippines based service centers are in the UTC+08:00 time zone.

There's no daylight saving adjustments in the Philippines.

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Answer. Service centers are connected with high speed fiber optic internet.

We connect fault tolerant high speed fiber optic internet to each service center.

Latency and bandwidth tests can be arranged through your service center manager.

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Answer. Your Cloud Co-workers work in Zipier's service centers which are based in the Philippines.

We currently don't operate service centers in other countries, and doesn't employ remote or home-based Cloud Co-workers. All our services are fully managed with top-class office facilities.

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