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Will Zipier provide the leads for my outbound project to call

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Will Zipier provide the leads for my outbound project to call

Answer. Yes, Zipier can supply business leads to be called for an additional $ 1 per hour.

Zipier can supply industry targeted business leads including business name, phone number, and address, to be called by your Cloud Co-workers.

The leads can be targeted by geographic area, e.g. neighborhood, city, state, and country. They can also be targeted by industry.

There's an additional cost of USD $ 1 per outbound calling hour if you'd like leads supplied by Zipier.

You're also welcome to supply your own leads, or do a mixture of both.

If you require residential leads, you'll need to supply the leads yourself, from your own sources.

Once you've got your leads, you can upload them at Project > Leads > Upload.

Also see Zipier's list of recommended lead suppliers.

Updated: 27 Jan 2018. Keywords: numbers, sell, names, phone, list, upload.
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