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4. Inspection and reporting

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4. Inspection and reporting

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Answer. You're welcome to book a plane ticket to come and visit Zipier's service centers.

Unannounced visits or inspections are welcome.

Personal visits have many positive effects including better understanding between you and your Cloud Co-workers on how to best deliver your service.

Talk to your service center manager to make arrangements for your visit. Zipier can recommend the best ticket prices and the best places to stay.

It costs less than you'd think -- see below:

The Philippines

  • A return flight from New York to Manila can cost as low as USD $660.
  • The 50 minute taxi ride from Manila Airport (MNL) to the service center (in down town Makati) costs about USD $8.
  • Overnight accommodation with air-con and Wi-Fi can cost as low as USD $33 per night.
  • A large McDonald's Big Mac meal is about USD $4.
  • Taxis cost about USD $2 to most places, and are easy to catch.
  • 30 day visa free travel is available to most nationalities.
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Answer. You can have as much or as little contact as you like.

  • You can choose to deal with just your service center manager (or project leader) and have your instructions passed on.
  • Or, you can have your chat or video call window open throughout the working day and deal with your Cloud Co-workers directly.
  • Or, anything in-between.

Because all Cloud Co-workers are setup with a large 1080p HD monitor, there's plenty of room on screen for both their work and your preferred communication software. For example:

  1. A two-way Skype video call open throughout their 8 hour shift.
  2. Screen sharing open all day -- so you can watch what's being done.

All Cloud Co-workers are trained on how to use:

  • Skype.
  • Google Hangouts.
  • Slack.
  • Gmail.
  • Mikogo (screen sharing).

Your Cloud Co-workers are happy to learn other communication platforms as well.

Updated: 9 Apr 2019. Keywords: communicate, collaborate.
Answer. Zipier will email you a weekly report.

You can log in to Zipier 24/7 to see real-time reports, including attendance, productivity, and call stats. All reports include the option to download to spreadsheet, and filters to highlight a specific date, person, metric, or service.

Also, Zipier will email you a weekly report with a summary of your results, including links to more details.

If you need additional reporting, just let your service center manager know.

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Answer. Look at timesheets, call stats, daily activity charts, and random checks.

You can be sure your Cloud Co-workers are working when they say so by:

  • Looking at timesheets.
  • Looking at call stats.
  • Inspecting daily activity charts.
  • Random checks.

Zipier also requires each Cloud Co-worker to run Zipier Desktop which tracks all mouse and keyboard activity.

Updated: 9 Apr 2019. Keywords: trust, watch, observe, prove, report.
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