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How fast can you hire a large number of people for a big order

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How fast can you hire a large number of people for a big order

Answer. About 5 Cloud Co-workers per day.

Below is a 4 minute preview of Zipier's process for 1st interviews:


00:00 Next is the IQ test. 00:03 You have 15 minutes to complete 30 questions. 00:07 You'll need to go fast to get a good score. 00:10 Good luck! 00:12 Next is the 60 second typing test. Look at the words in the yellow box, and type them into the box below. The timer starts as soon as you type the first letter and stops after 60 seconds. 

00:26 Go fast! 00:28 Next is the 5 minute reading test. This test stops automatically after 5 minutes. 00:35 Read each paragraph. 00:38 Then choose the best answer to the questions. 00:44 Do your best! 00:46 Next is the 10 minute listening test. This test stops automatically after 10 minutes. 00:53 Listen to each audio clip. 

00:56 Then choose the best answer. 00:59 You can only play each clip once, so listen carefully. 01:04 Next, we'll take your photo, using your webcam. Click Allow for your webcam. 01:11 Then click Take photo. 01:14 Next, we'll record your voice for 60 seconds. 01:19 Read the scenario on the yellow background, it'll also be read to you. 

01:24 Then click Continue. 01:26 Click the blue Make Recording button. 01:30 Click the orange Upload a Clip button. 01:34 Click on Record. 01:38 Click the orange circle button. 01:42 Click Allow for your microphone. You're being recorded so start talking. 01:48 When you reach 60 seconds click the orange stop button. 

01:52 Click the orange play button to check that your microphone worked. 02:03 Click Upload and wait for it to upload. 02:17 Copy the page's address and paste into the box below. 02:34 Next is the problem solving test. Click Open the test. 02:39 Scroll to the bottom and type your name. 02:43 Click Start the interview. 

02:47 Read the instructions on each page, 02:54 then type your answer. 03:04 When you've finished all the questions, copy the webpage address and paste into the box on this page. 03:15 Next, we'll ask some questions about you. 03:19 Fill in all the boxes. 03:22 If you miss any, a message will show you what's missing. 03:26 Next, we'll ask you some questions. Type your answers in complete sentences. If there's a timer in the top right corner, be careful not to run out of time. 

Zipier operates recruitment as follows:

  1. Advertise on the nine most popular local job sites.
  2. Filter applicants with a series of online tests, including:
    • IQ test.
    • Typing test.
    • Listening test.
    • Attention to detail test.
    • Spoken English test with stored voice recordings.
  3. Short-list applicants by hand based on overall test results.
  4. Personal interviews.
  5. Job offer.
  6. Onboarding.
  7. Training.

While recruiting, Zipier typically gets around 150+ applicants per day. From these, 5 would be suitable for hire.

Zipier only hires the best!

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