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What's the advantage of entering 'planned time'

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What's the advantage of entering 'planned time'?

Answer. People can see upcoming work hours. Track attendance as a %.

The advantages of "planned time" on a Timesheets are:

  • People get their upcoming work hours without having to ask.
  • Manager's get a "Late start" email anytime people are late.
  • Track attendance as a percentage on the People ➜ Attendance ➜ There report.
  • Compare the "There" percentage (last three months) between people at People ➜ HR ➜ Assessment.
  • Zipier Timer Chrome extension can pop-up a reminder when a shift is about to start or stop.

Once you've setup the planned times for one person, Zipier makes it easy to copy them to as many other people as you like with Timesheets ➜ More ➜ Copy planned.

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: benefit.
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