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Weekly hours

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Weekly hours

View individual and collective weekly hours worked, and upcoming time planned.


Answer. Go to Weekly hours. Click "Show settings", then select more people.

To compare the weekly work hours done between two or more people:

  1. Choose the first of the people to compare.
  2. Go to their People ➜ Attendance ➜ Weekly hours.
  3. Click "Show settings" .
  4. Ctrl+Click on the names of other people you'd like to compare.
  5. Each person will show as a different colored line.
Updated: 7 Jun 2019. Keywords: time.  

Answer. The hours done wasn't enough to meet the hours planned.

The gray bars on the "Daily hours" and "Weekly hours" reports means a shortfall. Or in other words, that the hours done wasn't enough to meet the hours planned.

This is to assist you in easily spotting when your planned times weren't reached.

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: shortfall, plan, enough.
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