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View the entire teams activity for the day on a single page.


Answer. Yellow for planned time. Green for done time. Black for unfocused websites. Gray areas for screensaver and desktop locked.

The basic timeline will show:

If you're running Zipier Desktop, you'll also see:

When you mouseover any of these you should see a tooltip explaining what it's for.

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Answer. That the person was late starting a planned time.

When you see the snail on the days timeline or timesheet it means that the person was late starting one of their planned times.

The snail can only show if the person's planned time was entered earlier.

You can see a total of these at the bottom of the "Late starts" column on the Payslips details.

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Answer. See Projects ➜ Attendance ➜ Timelines.

You can see a summary of today's work done by all the people who're on a project at Projects ➜ Attendance ➜ Timelines.

To go forward or back a day, use the arrows on the side, or choose a date at the bottom.

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: total, time, duration.
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