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3. What're the steps to get setup for Zipier Attendance

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3. What're the steps to get setup for Zipier Attendance?

Answer. Minimum steps: Sign up. Invite people. Start your work-time..

Here's the minimum steps to get going with Zipier Attendance:

  1. Sign up and enter your own information.
  2. Invite people by entering their work email address at Menu ➜ People ➜ Invite person.
  3. Start your work-time (top right corner), and get your people to start theirs too.

That's it. Give it a few days, and your reports will start to look interesting.

If you'd like to try some more advanced features, you could:

  1. Download Zipier Desktop on your computer:
  2. Try Zipier Attendance Tracker on an Android tablet:
  3. Clock-in time to specific projects.
  4. Setup a pay batch with your pay day cycle at Pay batches ➜ Setup.
  5. Add people to that pay batch at Pay batches ➜ People.

These above steps are optional, but will make your Zipier Attendance even more interesting.

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: configure.
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