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Answer. Yes. Keep them as a project worker only..

You can restrict agents on your project from seeing all your project's reports by adding your agents as "Workers" only at Projects ➜ Members ➜ Workers.

As "Workers" only, your agents will only be able to see:

  1. Their own "wins" per hour.
  2. Their own critiques.
  3. Their own calls list.

If you add a member under "Observers" at Projects ➜ Members ➜ Observers they'll have access to all of the project's reports.

You can add and remove members for different project permissions at Projects ➜ Members ➜ Summary.

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Answer. Invite them to your Zipier, then add them as an observer to the project.

You can allow someone outside your org to see only the hours worked on a specific project (and nothing else) by:

  1. Invite the outside person to your Zipier account at Menu ➜ People ➜ Invite person.
  2. Choose the projects you'd like to share.
  3. Go to Projects ➜ Members ➜ Observers.
  4. Add the outside person as an observer to those projects.

When the outside person logs in, they'll only be able to see reports in the projects they're an observer on, and nothing else.

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: restrict, share, invite.
Answer. Owners: full project admin access. Workers: can clock time to this project. Reviewers: can listen to, and critique calls. Observers: can see reports.

Here's the difference between owners, workers, and observers in a project:

A person can be added as more than one kind of member to a project.

See Projects ➜ Members ➜ Summary for an overview of who's got access to what.

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: roles.
Answer. Edit project member's timesheets. View their attendance reports and paystubs.

When a person is appointed as project leader, for others who're workers in their project, the project leader can:

  1. See and make changes to their timesheets.
  2. View their attendance reports.
  3. View their paystubs (only the details that relate to hours worked).

Project leaders don't get additional access on the project. You probably want to add them as Projects ➜ Members ➜ Owners so they can also make changes to anything on the project.

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Answer. Bigger for people who clock-in more hours.

On the Projects ➜ Project page you'll notice that some people's faces are larger than others.

The size of the face is scaled larger for people who clock-in more hours to this project, and smaller for people who clock-in less hours.

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Answer. Go to Projects ➜ report-page-settings.

To create a report of all the hours worked in a week or month:

  1. Add people as Projects ➜ Members ➜ Workers.
  2. Have those people clock-in time against that project using the work-time menu or timesheets.
  3. Choose Projects ➜ report-page-settings then click "View".
  4. This will pop open a new tab.
  5. Print by pressing Ctrl+P
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