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1. Where can I look up a schedule of my planned work times for next week

Answer. At People ➜ Attendance ➜ Week, then go forward a week.

To look up your schedule of planned times for next week:

  1. Go to People ➜ Attendance ➜ Week.
  2. then click to see next weeks times.

Look for the yellow lines on your weeks timelines.

Mouse over each one to get the exact planned start and stop times.

Updated: 7 Jun 2019. Keywords: forecast, upcoming, future.

2. Where can I see how many hours I worked this week

Answer. Go to the bottom of People ➜ Attendance ➜ Week.

To see the total hours you worked this week, go to the bottom of People ➜ Attendance ➜ Week and look for the totals.

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: time, done, count, total, add, sum.
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