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Answer. Invite them to your Zipier, then add them as an observer to the project.

You can allow someone outside your org to see only the hours worked on a specific project (and nothing else) by:

  1. Invite the outside person to your Zipier account at Menu ➜ People ➜ Invite person.
  2. Choose the projects you'd like to share.
  3. Go to Projects ➜ Members ➜ Observers.
  4. Add the outside person as an observer to those projects.

When the outside person logs in, they'll only be able to see reports in the projects they're an observer on, and nothing else.

Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: restrict, share, invite.  

Turn on People ➜ Settings ➜ Permissions ➜ Payroll admin permis....

To assign payroll permissions to another person:

  1. Go to People ➜ Settings ➜ Permissions ➜ Payroll admin permis....
  2. Answer. Find Payroll and turn on either View or Edit.


Updated: 7 Jun 2019. Keywords: give, transfer, access. Collapse all
Answer. On the person, turn on Temporarily block access.

To temporarily block a person from accessing Zipier, without deleting them, turn on People ➜ Settings ➜ Permissions ➜ Temporarily block ac....

Updated: 7 Jun 2019. Keywords: stop, limit, restrict.
Answer. Check the options on People ➜ Settings ➜ Permissions.

It's possible to add people to the list of managers, supervisors, and project leaders.

If your name doesn't appear on the list, go to one of:

Updated: 25 Jul 2019. Keywords: more, show.
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