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How Zipier is free

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How Zipier is free


Answer. It's 100% FREE.

Zipier Attendance is 100% FREE, with no strings attached. You get unlimited people, unlimited clock-ins, and unlimited projects, with nothing to pay, ever. Zipier won't even ask for your credit card.


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Answer. There are no limits to using Zipier's FREE software.
  • All the people and logins you like.
  • All the paystubs you like!
  • All the tax calculations you need!
  • All the government reporting!
  • All the employee onboarding you like!
  • All the contractor onboarding you want!
  • All the tracking and reporting of onboarding you've always wanted!
  • All the new hire tax forms and reporting!
  • All the time off requests you need!
  • All the time off storage you like!
  • All the timesheets you like!
  • All the timesheet storage you need!
  • All the attendance clock-ins you want!
  • All the expenses you like!
  • All the approvals you want!
  • All the expense reporting you need!
  • All the job postings you like!
  • All the applicants you like!
  • All the onboarding you like!
  • All the auto-filled tax forms you need!
  • All the due date reminders you like!
  • All the logins you want!
  • All the clients and customers you like!
  • All your questions answered. Our FREE support team's here to help.
  • The sky's the limit! Updated: 13 May 2019. Keywords: restrictions, cripple.
Answer. Zipier thought why not give Zipier Attendance away for free so others could benefit too.

Here at Zipier we rely on Zipier Attendance to keep things running smoothly, so we thought why not make it free for others too.

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Answer. By offering its existing products.

All software provided by Zipier is FREE.

Zipier covers its costs by:

  1. Keeping costs to a minimum, as blogged by the CEO's wife at blog.zipier.com/startup-work-life-balance-is-there-such-thing
  2. By offering its existing products.
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Answer. Zipier really is FREE.
  • It's FREE. Zipier doesn't plan to EVER charge you.
  • Zipier doesn't charge you for phone call management.
  • There's no premium plan. Just the same FREE plan for all.
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Answer. Zipier believes software should be FREE.

Zipier also believes the world will be better when:

  • Employers have better tools to look after their people.
  • Admin becomes simple.
  • Government gets out of the way.

Zipier's mission is:

"Create a world where everyone gets better pay."

Zipier believes that this starts by making high quality FREE software for employers.

You can read more on Zipier's blog about Why business software will be free.

Updated: 25 Jul 2019. Keywords: cost, price, strategy, mission, purpose.
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