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Keyboard shortcuts

All Payroll Attendance

Keyboard shortcuts?

Zipier has lots of keyboard shortcuts.


Alt+/ Keyboard shortcuts

Alt+j Jump

Alt+H Open / close help

Alt+R Reload tab

Alt+Enter Save


Alt+U Menu list

Alt+P People

Alt+A Pay batches

Alt+Z Projects

Alt+O HR Docs

Alt+L Locations

Alt+M Bookmarks

Alt+C Accounts


Alt+S Search

or Move up or down search results

Enter Go to the selected entry

Esc Clear the search box

Browser work-time

Alt+[ Start

Alt+B Go on break

Alt+] Finish

Alt+Y Switch projects

Alt+I I forgot

Alt+N Add timesheet note

Alt+X Timesheet

Advanced search

Ctrl+Enter Go to entry in a new tab

Ctrl+Click Go to entry in a new tab

Tab Search within object

Alt+Click Search within object

Esc (2nd press) Hide the menu

Within the search box

Type p For people

Type a For pay batches

Type z For projects

Type o For HR Docs

Type l For locations

Type m For bookmarks

Type c For accounts

Type ps For people's paystubs

Type ts For people's timesheets

Finding deleted items

Type p - For deleted people

Type z - For deleted projects

Type m - For deleted bookmarks


Calculator Do sums in the search box.
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