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Quality assurance


Quality assurance


1. Banned language

Saying "ma'am" or "sir" is to be marked as "Used ma'am or sir" by QA.


2. Checking with focus

  • Avoid   3x. QA time done, but gaps in reviews.

While checking calls, you're expected to be focused, and not get distracted.

Software may look for patterns of distracted behavior and send you a reminder of the importance of being focused while checking calls.

This includes checking that:

  • Your project is set to a QA project any time you do any kind of call checking.
  • The call you're checking belongs to the Org you're working for.
  • There's no long gaps between checking each call.
  • The time you spend checking a single call isn't much longer than the duration of that call.
  • That a reasonable number of call checking is done for the time spent.
  • That a variety of different critiques are used. Not just the same ones all the time.
  • That you reach the overall project target for calls checked.

3. Memorizing critique shortcuts

An important part of your job, as QA, is to review call recordings and mark them with appropriate critiques.

Memorizing this list of critique shortcuts below makes call reviewing much easier. Down to the dashed line, the "bads" are simply the opposite of the "goods". The shortcut is the same, except you also press "Shift" for the "goods".

  • 1 Wrong alpha, bravo...
  • 2 Ignored sales
  • 3 No restate
  • 4 No Xfer reason
  • 5 No ask hold
  • 6 Lost control
  • 7 Long wrap
  • 8 Wrong dispo.
  • 9 Bad spelling
  • 0 Wrong
  • - Avoid ownership
  • = Misunderstood
  • Q Unnecessary Q's.
  • E Weak ending
  • R 3rd person
  • U Ums / ahs
  • A OK ack.
  • G Weak greeting
  • X Unclear explain
  • B Bad Eng.
  • N Used ma'am or sir
  • W Wandered
  • P Poor pace
  • L Slow lookup
  • T Too much mute
  • O Weird silence
  • [ Broken audio
  • ] IVR recording
  • S Side talk
  • J Mic distant
  • V Bad vol.
  • Y Unfriendly
  • I Uninterested
  • D Drone
  • H Unprof.
  • K Not calm
  • C Unconfident
  • M Bad manners

  • F Flagged
  • Shift+1 Verified
  • Shift+2 Sought sales
  • Shift+3 Restated
  • Shift+4 Transfer reason
  • Shift+5 Ask to hold
  • Shift+- Took ownership
  • Shift+, Thanked
  • Shift+. Next steps
  • Shift+E Good ending
  • Shift+R No 3rd person
  • Shift+G Good greeting
  • Shift+X Good explain
  • Shift+N Good name use
  • Shift+W Didn't wander
  • Shift+P Well paced
  • Shift+L Quick lookup
  • Shift+J Clear
  • Shift+V Good vol.
  • Shift+Y Friendly
  • Shift+I Interested
  • Shift+H Professional
  • Shift+K Calm
  • Shift+C Confident
  • Shift+M Good manners

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